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~~ Lots of giveaways this weekend ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, May 07, 2011

As there’s NSD and Mothers Day in the US, there’s lots of giveaways going on.



Crate Paper are giving away two $100 Crate products for a lucky commenter and the commenters mother. Just hurry here and leave a comment before Monday.

Embellishment Kit

And as for Glue Arts, well, they seem to always have giveaways with each post. Right now you can have a chance winning this adhesive-kit seen above, plus some extras. And well, the DT is always filled to the brim w/spectacularly creative ideas and step-by-step instructions. It sure is intimidating being on that team! :p Nevertheless. You can find their blog here.


If you check the many scrapbookmanufacturers blogs this weekend I’m sure you’ll catch lots of stellar chances for winning giveaways and stuff.



Speaking of giveaways. Haha. This isn’t a giveaway. Or well, it sort of was, I guess. I finally got around to clean up my room *some* (unfortunately not all…sigh..lots of clutter and stuff here still!), and dropped four boxes of SB-stuff to the local Red Cross. Yay me and all, or something like that. Before anybody says “gee, how kind and generous”, well, not really, most were either really really old stuff (like, three year old stuff gathering dust on my shelves) and/or things I’ve received from various places for free and no longer needed. I’ve been wanting to unload this stuff for a while now but hadn’t gotten around to it until I did an interview w/the leader of the local Red Cross and she mentioned how they wanted to go more creative and stuff during the free activities they offer toddlers and their parents. I had to stop the interview and tell her something like umkay Im not sure if I should say this while I’m at work, so this hasn’t got anything to do w/the job, this is just me speaking personally, but would you like some SB-stuff to help pursue the creative goal maybe?

It was a lucky break, I mean, I’ve been pondering if they might want some of my stuff for their various activities (they do lots of really nice stuff for the local people) but not really dared ask them before thinking it’d be too silly, so when she actually said they’d want to arrange more creative stuff but hadn’t really gotten started yet I was like oyy here’s my chance after all :p


So if you have lots of unused SB-stuff making you feel bad and all (because it just sits my stuff did), well, it really does make you feel much better to be able to give it away. Feel free to ask your children’s school/kindergarten (our kindergarten has gotten stuff before too), the local hospital, or the local Red Cross to ask if they perhaps would use any of this stuff…make room for more new sb-stuff! ;)



Images courtesy of Camera+ and Diptic

Have a lovely weekend…ours sure is, w/homemade chocolatecovered strawberries….mmmm! Open-mouthed smileTotally delicious!

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  1. Nati Tristan Said,'> 5:01 PM

    Your little girl is so cute and those strawberries do look delish!


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