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~~ Lefsebaking & a gift for grandma ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, November 20, 2011


Last week, at my days off work, I decided to bake lefse. It’s a traditional Norwegian, hm, I’m not quite sure what to call it actually – not really cake, nor cookie….some kinda…’s mostly used on the sweet side, rather than for dinner which’s what people think of when thinking of tortillawraps…? (can you say that by the way – think of when thinking of…? :p)

Nevertheless…I’m easily affected I guess, I was talking to & taking photographs of some nice ladies with 55+ years of experience making lefse (for Christmas)….so I was like..hey…that’s easy, I can do that too! tasted nice…need to practice the execution though! (but hey, it’s only my 2nd time in my life I’ve baked this, so :) ).


Nevertheless…..managing to bake this (with my oldest kid nevertheless) made me pretty proud – and with the pride came the thoughts of “darn, wish my grandma lived closer so she could get some taste of this too”.


Very well! I knew I had at least one of these plastic bags left, found it & created a giftwrap with Imaginisce and Glue Arts.


Check out the lefse! I used two recipes I found on the web: Askøylefsen (this one tasted the best imo, BUT was a PAIN to bake..broke all the time into smaller pieces :( ) and mormors lefse (I thought I added too much flour in this one, but turned out I needed more nevertheless as it kept sticking to the table when rolling it flat..hmm…more elastic than the askøylefse, but still, easily got holes and stuff in this one)


Then I needed a card ofc. It was whipped together quick and effortlessly thanks to the cute & inspiring materials from Imaginisce & Maya Road :)


You have to check out this post where you can get the recipes of gingersnaps as well. I need to try that one out next! :)

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Lefsebaking & a gift for grandma ~~'

  1. pattyo Said,'> 12:32 AM

    Good for you in making the lefse. I'm sure it was delicious! Your gift set is awesome!


  2. rosemary Said,'> 5:40 AM

    Looks yummy... 'tis the season to bake! Oh and I was wondering if you are going to do a december daily type thing?


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 12:06 AM

    Hjemmelagde lefser *nam*
    og lekker innpakning!!


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