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~~ 3 questions I really could use your help with! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 quick things:


1. French speaking people: What’s the difference between “Joyeux anniversaire” and “Heureux anniversaire”? (Yes, I asked google translate, but it just responded “happy birthday” to both).


2. I’ve updated my resume blog into this template called “Dynamic views”. What’s your verdict? Is it just me or does it seem to take slightly longish to load? Is this a good template for a resume blog which sorta have pretty static pages/posts? Or should I just go back to my old plain-ish template, with an old fashioned and pretty linear postageline?




3. Do you know what this ribbon is called? Or where I can buy it? (I purchased mine at Familieskatter a year ago or two, but they don’t have a webstore and I’m like, it’s too silly to email them just because of a ribbon..or is it..?) It’s a bit like twill, but not as thick or crude….more..sheer or organiza, except…it isn’t either (and yes, I’ve searched for all the above on ebay and still haven’t really found this exact kind of ribbon). I love it because you could crumple it or use it straight or mist it and stuff and it was so versatile and amazing and I regret not buying more of it or remembering what it’s called. Waah!



I think that’s it.


Hope some kind souls will take the time to help me out w/the urgent questions!! :)


Suppose I should add these cards (made with Momenta for Glue Arts), but I don’t really like them myself. Ahwell. Can’t always win..


8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ 3 questions I really could use your help with! ~~'

  1. Francine Said,'> 11:37 AM

    I'm not French but I'll take a stab. Even though heureux means happy the correct way to say happy birthday is either Joyeux Anniversaire or Bonne Anniversaire. I don;t know why :)

    The dynamic view does take longer to load but I like the layout!

    Finally I have some of that ribbon but can't remember from where! Hmm who was it that did a mistables line? Was it Pink Paislee or Jenni Bowlin?


  2. Ulrikke Said,'> 3:54 PM

    Joyeux betyr lystig, heureux betyr glad :) Gikk fort å få frem bloggen din. Og båndet kan jeg desverre ikke hjelpe med :(


  3.'> 9:37 PM

    Stilig kort som alt annet du lager :o))
    Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar, båndet heter seam binding og du finner det hos Bikuben
    Klem Anne


  4.'> 12:57 AM

    1. I'm not French, but I would say it says "Happy Anniversary."
    2. Your resume came up instantly for me and looks fine. I don't know
    what it looked like before.
    3. That ribbon looks like seam binding to me which I know around here
    comes in very fine texture to a bit sturdier.
    Hope this helps!


  5. rosemary Said,'> 4:19 AM

    Hi Ania,

    I also think the ribbon you like is seam binding. I've been using it in a lot of projects recently too, its texture makes it easier to crinkle and manipulate vs satin or grosgrain ribbon. You can buy it (in many colors!) at many online sewing stores, just do a search on seam binding.

    Lovely projects as usual :)


  6. Julie blanc Said,'> 8:43 AM

    Your questions have been answered I think, but for thé exact material of the ribbon, isn't that "taffetas"?


  7. Moira Said,'> 3:34 PM

    Here's a third vote for seam binding! Lovely stuff :-) I've really enjoyed browsing your blog, great to see projects from the other side of the worlds!


  8.'> 8:08 PM

    I'm french Canadian and maybe I'm wrong but the difference is more about the day itself. If it is a birthday you could say Joyeux anniversaire or Bonne fête and if it is an anniversary, you could say Heureux anniversaire or Bon anniversaire.
    Michelle *Ü*


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