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~~ Just a little something… ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Sooooo. I do adore making cute, little boxes.
Especially when I feel that everything goes right and there’s no fuzz or pulling of hair while pondering what to do how and where…it’s truly a nice feeling when it comes over you when you create. I savour it – because truth to be told, it isn’t always this easy (noooooo….tic :p).
box2 of the interesting things is that combining different materials (here: ribbon, canvas, chipboard, patterned paper, kraft, mist and glitter) contribute to its interesting dimensioned look…I know it’s a pretty much used cliché – but I think you safely can say so about the way this little embellishmentclutter on the top of the box is built – layering the different materials yields such an interesting dimension. So there =)
It was created for Maya Road, as shown in this blogpost (where I also elaborate a bit on how this box was made).
And look! It contents sweets! (big, shocking surprise, I know ;p)
Maya Road supplies:
Chipboard: Coffee or Tea Mini Chipboard Set, Wavy Layerable Chipboard Banner Kraft Journaling Tags - decorative,
Butterfly Canvas Set,
Timeless Memories Stamp Square
Small Organiza Roses Ribbon - Olive,
Maya Mist: Popsicle Blue, Eggplant purple

Now, over to something else.
You know CHA’s around the corner, no?
Well, maybe not exactly around the corner, but – it’s fast approaching!
Here’s one of my favorite lines from Prima – the Yuki collection:

…and Almanac – it’s reminiscent of Printery from the last CHA-S – just…prettier, if I dare say so!
(and LOOK! WOODEN CLOCKS! pwetty tiles!)

Songbird….so so lovely:

And finally..just need to share this lovely little trinket – genie stones:

I have more favorites and stuff – here’s my CHA-W 2012 pinterest board for those of you who likes that stuff. I’m not good at using pinterest I must admit, but it’s sort of a tradition (well, 2nd time, so it’s becoming one!!) to pin peeks and new stuff for CHA :)
Atm there’s mostly Prima in there, I know…it’s not because I’m on their team and thus partial or anything, I just haven’t found that many CHA peeks yet (among my favorite manuf-blogs that I have in my feeds)! :p

Right. One last CHA peek, this time from Maya Road:

Oh, and one last thing too: The newest Craft Origine challenge 2:


This time it’s a sketch!

Here’s the words from Virginia of Craft Origine:

To start this new year, Craft Origine present you the Challenge #2!
To participate, you must do a creation with the sketch above. You can use the colors, supplies and materials you want.
The page of the winner will be posted on our blog and will receive a set of stamps Craft Origine of his choice ! The pages of the other participants will also be published.
The challenge begins January 8 and ends January 21 at midnight. Participants from all countries are welcome!
Please send your creations by email to: Indicate in the subject line: CRAFT ORIGINE CHALLENGE #2. You will receive a confirmation email.
I hope this sketch will inspire you.
Good luck !
And here’s the link to the challengepost on their blog! Right!
Gotta jet now! Work calls!

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  1.'> 12:54 AM

    The box is adorable! I love altered items!


  2. cherry Said,'> 7:57 AM

    Very pretty....just found your blog....very sweet box. cherry


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