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~~ Mixed Media Day + Card Day at Prima ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, May 23, 2012
So, there’s a Mixed Media Day over at Prima. Now, I’ve never really counted myself as a mixed media kind of gal, not the way I see mixed media sort of. But I do love adding tiny little bits of mixed media to accent the work.. nevertheless….for this one had one bottle of Crackle Paint (distress fence) that was almost empty and about to go bad….so I figured..what the heck….I have a new bottle ready to be used…let’s just get the best of this bottle while it’s still good =)
The flowers and leaves here are all mixed from various sorts of fabrics…from canvas to leather to felt to paper to fabric…:)
I really like the effect the crackle paint yields used like this on the box…
And I LOVE the flower used on the side here, by the handle. LOVE. (Solitaire comes in four different colorhues though)
You may remember this box (here’s the other one). I just didn’t bother dressing the insides for this one…besides..the colors aren’t that much off this time.
So. No idea what to use this for yet, but we’ll see! Probably some kind of minor gift.may_ppp7
Maybe teachers gift if I haven’t figured out better ideas or time to do much about it by that time.
And here’s the card I made for the Card Day Blog post over at Prima. Cute, hm?
Love to add colors to the resins!

Supplylist box:
tweet vine quail – 553722
Charme rose doodle deux – 555795
Gillian cinder – 553029
charlotta parrot – 552787
Laredo nuevo – 556389
Fabrique Lakeshore - 557881
Flocked rub-ons – 550844
Printery – signature 843519
Vermont – brown 553630
Solitaire – jeweltone 552282
Art tiles – alla prima 551261
Supplylist card: Fairy Belle Collection – La Spa 950125, Le Toulle 950118, Marcelle 950132
Pixie Glen Collection – Dartmoor 843236
Tweet Vine Quail – 553722
Firefly Stone 551711
Fluid chalk – cold ice 891145, Old rose 891213
Pankita Rose – winter mix 557584
Tivona rose – small 557157
Resin small birds - 890773
Other: Ranger – stickles: crystal, diamond; liquid pearls: buttercup; enamel accents white, tattered angels – iridescent gold

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    Beautiful box and card! I think they are a gift all by themselves!


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