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~~ Fineste mormoren ever ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, August 04, 2012


This is my grandma. She’s 96. And y’know, I love my grandma dearly. This photo was taken last time I visited her, back in hmm, April I think. I can’t wait to see her again in September!


See the pink/coral thing behind the seam binding (which’s colored with yellow Maya Road mist)? It’s actually an old Heidi Swapp transparency sticker haha. The damask one. Must.stop.eyeballing.things. (or maybe not). Sort of wanted more of it to be visible but put it down a lil wrong. Ahwell.


American Crafts flair buttons. There’s lots of cute flairs out there – but before I can purchase any more I sort of should use what I already have! And look at the cute cute miniature resin birds (Invgild Bolmes shabby chic stuff for Prima *loves*). Papers and letters from Lily Bee Design….and oh, the circle bling? I’m fairly sure that’s hmm…could it be Heidi Grace? Or maybe most likely Heidi Swapp, hmm! Anyways. Old stuff. Used the two last ones. Hurrah! Hmhmhm….oh, I used this sketch by the way;

Made by Ursula Schneider at Lily Bee Design. And I did my layout in 9x9 because I am contemplating using a few vacant IKEA shadowboxes to showcase some layouts here at home, but I haven’t really decided what to do. Still. Guess having a few 9x9 layouts ready in case I decide to suddenly go for that wouldn’t hurt.

Right. Wish you a lovely weekend!

(Am working this weekend, but that’s fine, because I (mostly) enjoy what I do :) And because..I now hold a permanent position at the work. Been an intern/trainee (guess that’s the most covering word for the first position I had), then freelancer and finally substitute for the last three years – no more! Whee!)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Fineste mormoren ever ~~'

  1. Diana Waite Said,'> 9:19 PM

    BEAUTIFUL take on this sketch!


  2. Lene Said,'> 8:47 PM

    Herlig layout og så koselig bilde av deg og din mormor!


  3. Unknown Said,'> 1:28 AM

    such great work by you


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