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~~ Summer in France, part 3–Montpellier ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last installation!

In Montpellier we stayed at a cool part of the city – Antigone. We stayed at a Suite Novotel hotel, which was pretty nice (all the Novotel hotels I’ve stayed at has been nice ones..esp the breakfast…this one had an awesome breakfast, but darn, an expensive one too, so we only had hotel breakfast one day). The kids were delighted to stay at a “real” hotel, as our previous ones had been more of apartments/small hotel.


Nevertheless. This little dude played a large part in why we chose to end our trip w/Montpellier. And his mama, ofc. And as always – Amalie around a baby is a happy Amalie (I’ll share his photos in a separate post. BABYPHOTOS!!).


We visited & got treated w/BBQ, and the kids took a great interest in this table tennis (and the hammoc)…


..although I’m not sure if the game is supposed to be played with your eyes closed…


…at least she looks good without the ball :p_DSC4816-copy

We paid a visit to a nearby lake, but when we returned the kids weren’t done swimming…so they got to play in the pool while waiting for the BBQ to be ready…


We got to try bubble tea for the first time ever…not too shabby.


And this little missus loved to dress up like a real lady :p


And this one loved me photographing him ;) (really, it’s just one of the faces he puts up..he loved it :))


My sweetiepie..:)


Every Friday there’s a market/wine festival in the main streets ( de comedie I think?) of Montpellier….buy three wine tickets, get a glass & then wander off & about and taste samples from wherever you wanna…cool concept. There’s more than wine though – there’s nougat stands, handmade stuff, food samplings and lots and lots of life…


On our way home from the Friday market..I think it’s cool to see the same style on the buildings throughout Antigone..


On Saturday we went to the big market in Sommeliers.


I wish we had food markets like that here in Norway. Sigh.


Lots and lots of food, and ofc various market stuff mixed in, like these colorful scarves…


And lots of cheese! *sigh*

And churros. Yum.


And tapas…tapenades (my new food love) and olives..and…yummy food… the best thing? You can buy whatever you like from the market, sit down at a nearby cafe table and eat the food you’ve purchased at the market…as long as you (preferrably anyways) buy drinks at the cafe, it’s perfectly fine to have picnic w/the food you just purchased. Lovesit.


Ofc we met up w/this dude and his mama and papa for the picnic in Sommeliers :)


Then we drove straight ahead to..uh, I must admit I don’t know where this is, apart that it’s the closest spot we were able to catch the Tour de France caravan in time from Sommeliers. Fun experience! (And dangerous…they throw stuff at ya from high speed…haha..)


Then we watched the fireworks in the evening along with everybody else in Montpellier (it felt like)…by the end of the river, huge place…can’t recall the name atm…something with Marianne maybe…nevertheless.. fun experience for the kids, being the National Day of France and all. (But the celebration sure is different from Norway)


Had to return to Sommeliers for the medieval thingie there…lots of hunting birds..bowshooting...history…


And this hm…shaman? Witch? Which the kids insisted on visiting, to hear their fortune tale and get a custom made lucky charm. Intriguing. The items the kids chose and her tales to the items sort of fit the kids personalities, amusing. Although I guess you could read a lot of their personalities within 5 minutes of watching them together anyways :)


And that’s it.

Hope you enjoyed skimmin thru the pictures =)

Be back with scrappy stuff..and babyphotos =)

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  1. banglamarie Said,'> 12:03 PM

    Så mange herlige bilder! Ser ut som dere har hatt en superduper tur!


  2. Vibeke Said,'> 2:17 PM

    Jeg elsker bildene dine!! Du får frem følelsene, luktene og alt!!
    Flink er du:)


  3.'> 2:42 PM

    Photo excellent!!!! Super!!!!


  4.'> 2:43 PM

    Little missis - !!!!! Beautifull!!!!!


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