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Around and around and around and...

Posted by Ania On Friday, May 26, 2006

Got a very nice challenge from Ruby, to stop trying to be so damn perfect and do the "right" things, and rather just let loose and like, just go for things and play around more, when scrapping. She (and Ali Edwards) are so right. I do tend to get hung up in my search for the "perfect" layout, wanting to do things properly and as correct as possible. I guess most of us do. So well, with this in mind, I tried to just be whimsical and do things just because.....I'm not quite sure what I think of this one yet, but I felt kinda a bit back to basics with this one, as I used my own handwriting to do both the journaling and the accents to this page rid of a lot of leftoverpapers and brads at least :p And I just adore these pictures of Adrian having fun :) Oh! I got to use the Sassafrass stamps I won at amillion at NSD too!! LOL :) Just wish I had dared to stamp it a bit more randomly around the page, I think that'd fit... but ohwell, too late now...

Anyways, here's some more of my recent layouts...and I'm going to Oslo in a week or so, and I so can't wait - finally I'll get to scrap together with my sis and our friend - it'll be so cool. I even added us to a RL crop! My very first one...whee..:)

This one got me in a kinda mellow mood, and I think it shows.....the journaling tells how much I miss his cute babyface...*sigh*

Just LOVE the cute papers of the Chatterbox Cottage line :)
So romantic and great for little girls :)

I just LOVE this picture of Adrian....he was busy playing, and then suddenly he just stopped and went like this for a moment - long enough for me to snap this picture, mwahaha :) Added a poem of Piet Hein to this, as I thought it was perfect for the mood I was trying to make for this layout and the picture :)

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  1. Lene S Said,'> 8:37 PM

    Oj så mange flotte sider Ania! Den første er bare så utrolig leken og herlig, side 2, Oh Baby...nyyydelig! De andre også flotte, og det er lett å se at du har kost deg :o)

    Lene :o)


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