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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, May 30, 2006
I'm leaving for Oslo in like, two days, and I'm starting to slightly panic. I'm supposed to scrap with my sis & Linda (more than once they said), show Karen how/what scrapping is, and try and attend a crop or maybe even two. And I'm like, I normally never know which pictures to scrap before I have a current project or am like, ok, I have time to scrap now, which picture(s) shall I scrap, and then I look at the pictures stored at my pc and pick out some, adjust them slighly in PS, decide how many pictures to scrap and how to scrap them, as in, which picture is gonna be which size, then I print the pictures and THEN I can start scrap kinda.....(yeah, I think I'm spending slightly above average time on the picturephase) but the point is, I rarely print pictures for more than one project at a time. And now I kinda have to plan several projects, cause it'd so suck to run outta photos when I wanna scrap more, and I'm! Need to prepare several projects at once! Eep...*breathes**panics**breathesmore*

Ohwell. I've prepared pictures for three projects/layouts, just have to figure out the setup and which size so I can print them and move on to the next set of pictures kinda. Which kinda means I need to prepare how the layout is gonna look for every picture I print kinda. What if I lose my ideas in the meantime kinda, from printage to actual scrappage.....oh, the horror......><

Jeje.....maybe I can convince my stephfather that it'll be ok for me to use his exlusive photopaper and print photos in Oslo....after all I'm just gonna stay there for a week it'll be ok to use the photopapers just a few times during my stay =) Hm. Good idea. I'll mail him immediately asking :)

Gonna take a lot of pictures during my stay for sure :) Planning to hit Tusenfryd aswell, the "local" amusement park. So gonna be fun for Adrian and Becca runnin around! :) Almost can't wait! And since it'll be like, offseason, the tickets are gonna be 90NOK cheaper than normal...that's good =)

By the way, I think I am getting hang of this photographing thing (except that my camera kinda tend to overexpose the pictures, I've tried to manually adjust the exposion to compensate for that, but is from a weekend in the beginning of May, at our trying to find other stuff to photograph than just my kids...and trying "new" angles kinda....(no offense, I adore them, think they're the cutest thing in the world etc etc, but it does get somewhat boring only taking pictures of them all the time no :P And scrapping them too......I recently did a layout of my niece...that felt good after an intense Amalie/Adrianscrapperiod :) Anyways...I usual =) )

The middle picture is my nephew :) Kinda like that angle :)

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