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Bloody 'ell!

Posted by Ania On Thursday, June 01, 2006
I'm leaving for Oslo in like, 8 hours or so, and I'm STUCK at what to bring! No, not clothes, but scrappingstuff!!

My original plan of only bringing pictures and get fresh stuff in Oslo seemed fine. Printing out pictures for five projects took a whole day (and a half) actually, because I'm not used to this, I like to focus at one project at a time and only print fresh pictures for that kinda. Anyways. The doubt of me being able to find perfect papers and stuff in Oslo (ridiculous, I know) in the end made me change that plan and go for finding at least some matching papers to the pictures in advance, so I that I wouldn't be totally lost when in Oslo, but GRRR!!! Now I feel ideas popping, like god, I need to use stitching and my sewingmachine on that and that project, and oo I need that ribbon and this and argh.... I didn't wanna bring this much!! And I feel like I have to stress and stuff so I can try and sneak in some time to half-finish one of the projects so I can get some real stitching on it and stuff and I wasnt supposed to do this, I was just supposed to pack and clean the house (lol) and stuff.....
I'm starting to see why some scrappers thinks these big scrappingbags and totes are a must.....I feel totally lost knowing I'll scrap away from all my stuff.....I'm so gonna think "crap, my chipboardalfa woulda been totally perfect here" all the time....and for some funny reason, I keep thinking "bloody hell bloody hell bloody hell" like a some kind of weird (british) tune in my head while trying to sort out which papers to bring and not and argh....

*really panicking* :(

And oh, I got a phonecall yesterday that the crop at Scraphandlern tomorrow evening was called off, so bleh....but I'll scrap with my sis & friend at moms place instead, so thats ok.... and I'm going to my very first crop when I get back, so it's ok. Just wanted to get advance...kinda....ohwell...*looks at watch* eep...need to go on figuring out what to bring! And which clothes to throw outta the luggage....:P

And oh, thank you so much for your comments Banglamarie and Synnøve Olava, I got to check out your blogs and wow, I must say, your works are SO inspiring!! So wanna try that kind of style on your recent make it look so fun and easy! :)
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  1.'> 1:42 PM

    Hei igjen.
    Takk for de hyggelige kommentarene inn på bloggen min. Koselig med nye bekjentskaper.

    Prøvd å legge den inn på min link liste, men fikk beskjed om "Profil not avaible"

    Ha en fortsatt fin scrappedag!



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