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~~ Oslo! ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, June 05, 2006
Mmm...arrived Oslo late thursday evening, and was greeted by dad at the airport. Nice :)

So far I've:

* Shopped a bit
* Been to a crop with my sis (and with three others who turned out to be interpreters who knew signlanguage :D that was funny :) )
* Scrapped with my sis & Linda, both of whom teased me for my sloooow scrappingtempo..hmm..:)
* Been at the playground twice with the kids and taken a lot of photos
* Been doing the subway, train and tram at the same day (alright, that was more fun for the kiddo)
* Visited my dear old granny....she's so sweet and I've been missing her a lot :)
* Ruined daddys PC ( :( )
* Visited dad

Looking forward to the next week :)

Enclosing some of the layouts I did before leaving for Oslo - had a contest last sunday called "scrap-your-tshirts-off" day - with contests all day and deadlines at midnight. Normally I don't enjoy such short deadlines, I don't like hasty works - I'm after all going to live with the layouts like, forever, and I want to make stuff I'm happy about wasn't that bad, I felt like I was able to complete the layouts at a decent rate and feel satisfied about them I'm happy...I wasn't able to win anything (with the pro gang at it's very hard, lol), but I actually managed to end up third at two at the contests, which was a nice and fun surprise :)

This layout is of my niece when she was like, hm, four or five..or hm, maybe three.....ohwell :D It was the last contest of the day and had to be completed at two hours....I actually spent 40-45 minutes on this one, and amazingly enough I'm very satisfied about this one :)

This contest was about not using any kind of QK tools or anything - which was just fine, cause I don't have any QK or any other kind of cuttingtools, so :)

I knew how I wanted to use this picture before doing this layout, but as I didn't have any pen for use on pictures available (I've purchased these now :P), I had to write on Bazzill and cut them in pieces and put them on the big picture like this. Thought this one came out fine, but not smashing or how I really pictured it, and was really surprised to see that this one gained a lot of votes. The journaling is about how Adrian is talking dialect and calling the activity for "disse", whereas me, originally being from Oslo, call it "huske". :P

I think I'm most satisfied with this one - cause I love the story these pictures tell.....Remember when we had such great and warm summerlike weather in the beginning of May? Well, we went to the summerhouse by the beach, and Adrian found a cute little crab and went like, "ooh, how do they eat - we need to help feeding them" and so on. Thus he spent like 30++ minutes (probably more) looking for shells, opening them and throwing the open shells back out in the water. Kinda cute. And I *SO* love the Scenic Route's Northshore papers!!! And I really do fancy the green-yellow monopack of Bazzill :)

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  1.'> 9:06 PM

    Hei Ania...
    Så utrolig flotte layouter du har laget. Liker spesielt godt "disse" layouten, med alle ordene på bildet.
    Tror jeg må ta meg en tur inn på Ellers er jeg mest på hvor jeg er gjestedesigner.

    Ha en fortsatt fin scrappekveld, Ania


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