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~~ Testing :p ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Am testing the wonderful little things you can do with the blog. I'm emailing my own blog atm. Not quite sure why I'd email my own blog - at least not from a PC - if I have a PC I'd rather edit stuff in the blog itself maybe. I also did some testing with emailing the blog from the chellphone, which worked wonderful - now that'd be useful when on vacations and stuff and no PC/Internet in sight....maybe... Just need to figure out how to downsize the pictures the chellphone takes - they're like, 1MB each...the N73 camera is nice - 3.2megapixels and Carl Zeiss optic, whatever that means. What I found out is that - if your hand (taking the picture) and the people in front of the camera/objects are standing still, you'll get very nice pictures. If not - well, it easily gets blurred. Much more easier than with reg. cams imo.

Anyways. Testing the upload of pictures with email & stuff - these are the pictures from yesterdays Santaparty in the kindergarten. Amalie didn't wanna cooperate when it came to taking pictures, so jeje. And look! Frames by Rhonna Farrer! Aren't they cool? :D

"Never love anything, kiddo, 'cause you will just end up losing it"

Edit: Hm. Okay. Lost the pictures. Need to figure out why. BLeh.
Edit2: Alright. Found out emailing the blog directly doesn't support pictures/attachments. Mobile blogging does though - am trying to obtain an account right now. Stay tuned :p
Edit 3: Alright. Mobile blogging wasn't supported on my phone I think, not this kind at least. And Nokia Lifeblog apparantly doesn't support Blogger. Still. Figured a way with Flickr! YAY!
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