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~~ oooooooh papirfesten ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, October 04, 2007
Ooooohh sooooo nervous and sooo excited and sooo looking forward to tomorrow and this weekend.....I dunno wheter Im most nervous or most happyhappyhappy...

I'm travelling light. Really, I am. Just one bag. And my camerabag ofcourse - duh :)
So as long as the flightcompany doesn't mess up w/my luggage I should be ok for this weekend....should...:)

To those of you whom I'll be teaching this weekend - be gentle w/me ;p

Adding a photo of Amalie - had an editingfrenzy today since we're supposed to bring photos for the classes (I'll be sneaking into the others classes :p) & the crops....I *so so so so* hate that part....printing in advance...I'm a case by case printer - only work w/&print photos for one project at a time. Ohwell. Hopefully I'll have enough and if not Xstine have promised me we'll drop by her work to fix more photos :D Totally LOVELOVELOVE such backgrounds like that brick how such backgrounds allows you to edit them so they'll become truly intense & totally cool.

Ps - those of you who won't be attending Papirfesten - feel free to drop by Bad Girls friday evening at 6pm (PST) -- do drop by - you're in for a chance to win a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Memory Makers! Dang. Wish I could be there - but I doubt I'll be able to :(

The Pencil Lines-bdaybash is also continuing - here's my take on a minibook-sketch by Annette :) I just turned it into a layout :) Used some Love, Elsie and some ephemera from the car-rental company :)

Okokok....reiser til Stavanger om noen få timer...eek!
Vær greie med meg da *smile*

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ oooooooh papirfesten ~~'

  1. Christine Said,'> 8:23 AM

    Skal være veldig snill med deg :D Kribler i magen nå ass! Føler på meg at tiden kommer til å gå treeeeegt på jobb :P

    Og superkult bilde av Amalie, jeg elsker også mursteinsvegger :)


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 10:54 AM

    Lykke til :)
    Heldige er de som får gå på kurs med deg!!


  3. Carrin Said,'> 11:27 AM

    Åhhh, lenge siden jeg har vært innom bloggen din nå! Virkelig på tide, for her var det masse flott! Nydelige bilder, fantastiske LO`er og masse bra lesestoff! HAN GAMMELSJUR ASSÅ SÅ FLINK DU E!! (litt inngarva nord-norsk der ja...må til i flekkene!)


  4.'> 9:51 PM

    Elsker det bildet av Amalie <3 saa soet!
    Kos deg masse paa papirfesten, og lykke til med kurs! Kan ikke faa sagt det nok, men skulle saa sinnsykt oenske jeg kunne vaert der!

    Gleder meg til aa hoere hvordan det gikk! :)


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 10:37 PM

    you are going to ROCK!!! those ladies are so lucky to have you for a whole weekend!!!


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