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~~ tagged x2! ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soooo I've been tagged.....fours by Kathrine (tag 1):

Jobs I've had:

  1. Helpdesk at a motherboard/techstuff-company (no I didn't really help them - I'm not that good - I just took their messages and passed them on)
  2. Webdesigner for said company (Uh. Kinda embarrassing affairs - it was looong time ago when the internet just had started to get known around)
  3. Assistant at KappAhl...a clothing store. legs were mushy every day. Had no idea how tiresome it was. Funniest things were "running" on the high (VERY high!) racks to fetch more clothes to restock the store with.
  4. Assistant-teacher at the elementary & youth school (on demand - when they lacked teachers bc of illness etc I stepped in) & even worked a week at kindergarten. Worst. Week. Ever. Those little beans got ENERGY like no tomorrow! Which is why I love kindergarten...when it comes to delivering my kids to them :p
Movies I could watch over and over again:
(Um truth to be told I don't really like watching movies over and over again. But..fave movies? Hm sure. Totally random because I don't like ranking really)
  1. True Romance (Totally cute! Really!! Been a while Ive seen it now hm.)
  2. Speed (ohmygodkeanureevesohmygod!! I totally remember watching this in the theaters and when Keanu appeared on the big screen I stood up and totally *swoon* and my friends had to drag me back to the seat again)
  3. Pulp Fiction (hahahahahaha...I think I was the only one laughing like all the time in the theaters :p my girlfriends were like "shhh!!" and "ewww what are you laughing for" ok remember I think I was only 15 or so when it hit the theaters :p)
  4. Legally Blonde (any movie with Reese really....I totally ♥ her... oh..which reminds me..Walk the Line was soo good!)
TV shows I watch:
  1. Rome (Just finished season two..which was the last one aswell....sniff...)
  2. The Shield (season 1 + 2 were the best - Glenn Close one good one...last one okay)
  3. Heroes (I hear season two isn't going too well? Hm. Season 1 rocked but the season finale, totally sucked)
  4. House MD (hahaha totally ♥♥♥)
  5. (Dexter - I don't know why cause I think the acting stinks or interesting to say the least..but still it keeps intriguing me)
  6. (Carnivale)
  7. Ok six shows I watch! For now..:p
Places I've lived:
  1. Oslo
  2. Bergen, 2x rented apartments
  3. Askøy, 1x rented apartment, 2x houses :p
  4. Oh. I guess. Seoul the seven first months of my life.
Fave food:
  1. Taco or lasagna or pizza. When well made. Can't decide.
  2. Baked beef...
  3. Love a really good pasta...these are incredible rare around here though :(
  4. the one we got at the "Toscana" restaurant in Götheburg....ooooh totally ♥♥♥♥)
Fave colors:
  1. Um. I really don't know. Uh. Green?
  2. Brown?
  3. Red?
  4. Blue?
  5. Gee this one was useful I bet.
Places I'd love to be atm:
  1. Paris
  2. Toscana..or Nice..
  3. NYC..cause it looks like a fun city :)
  4. In bed :p
Names I like but won't use on my children:
  1. Lauralanthalasa ;) (bonuspoints if you know where this is from :p)
  2. Amelie
  3. Adriana/Adrienne
  4. Oliver
Tag 2:
And then there's 7 random things about me - from ToveTyll.

  1. I don't like to go to bed wo my hubby. But I don't mind letting him wait.
  2. If a movie is sad I'll cry. But I'll often pretend I didn't. So shush!
  3. I'm a proactive procrastinator :p
  4. "Look mom I'm on TV!" (I was a child and it was several different childrens show)
  5. I can play long conversations in my head imagining out all sort of possible witty and elaborate eloquent answers...(usually after the actual conversation)...but all that comes out of my mouth is mostly "mmhm" "sure" "yeah" "totally". :p
  6. I'm foulmouthed when driving. I mean c'mon with all those sucky drivers out there how can you not :p (myself excluded ofcourse..I'm a near perfect driver ;) *cough*)
  7. I rarely slept in mom and dads bed when I was little because I didn't want to disturb them. I'd rather lie terrified in bed deadly convinced the closet was a monster and was gonna move and get me if I blinked. (My kids? Jumps in our bed all the time!! hrmf!)
Um I have to tag others, right. Er. How many did I have to tag? Hm. Ohwell. Just pickin' a number :p

Tracie, Mari, Annie, Iris, Vibeke S, Lilo and Olava (just to shake her up a lil :) ) - take your pick. Feel free to do both or one or none :P

Now. Must. Work. Get. Stuff. Done.
Amalie's at home "sick" (she's acting suspiciousily like her normal, energic self :p) and I have to pack and prepare last minute stuff for the classes in Ålesund. Eep!

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  1.'> 1:20 PM

    It's really interesting to learn a bit more about you! Thanks. :)


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 12:34 PM

    good luck teaching this weekend!!!
    loved reading all about you....will get to work on my answers!!!


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