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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Mmmm CHA. Love this time of the year. Or well, these times of the year considering it's twice a year and most manufs hit us with new, fab stuff. And not so fab. But I prefer to think of the fab ones =)

And it's extra thrilling to be a part of a manuf. DT and to get to know the scoop before most others. Kinda fun =) Luxe is gonna revamp the website - shortly before CHA I believe, or at least shortly after it - if this peek is anything like the newly designed site then it sure looks promising no? I am looking forward to it for sure....then I finally will be able to show some of the stuff I've done with/for Luxe as they will be sporting a brand new gallery along with the site :) Speaking of the site - they are running a 20% sale atm :)

And here's a peek of one of the new lines...calendarstuff! Yay! Really looking forward to get to see these irl, from the looks of it I think this will be one of my faves.....I am SOOO itchin' to cut out these totally cool circles!! :)

Scrappedugnad has gotten a new member by the way - lovely Kine!! Have admired her ever since her QK-days - she was the first Norwegian I knew about who was on a "big" DT and I was like "oooh Norwegians can!". She's one of the first Norwegian scrappers who blogged too - she's a great inspiration - I don't "do" her style but I find it so intriguing and fascinating....she does what she can like noone else...always lots of journaling...always superb mix of papers...often quirky stuff (love!!)..lots of her quotes and titles and the way she's thinking :) And her cards!!! *faint* I'm lucky to have one of her cards...two actually...they're amazing.... so...I am very happy to see Kine with us at Scrappedugnad :) (yep..gushing done.. just really like Kine is all :) And now...if I ever meet her I'll so be blushing & hidin' :p)

This is what we are dealing with at the homefront for the moment being. No shower, no bathing...for a few days...hopefully only a few days...we went to buy tiles yesterday and today we'll buy the stuff that's supposed to be on the, behind the tiles :p (exciting I know :p)

Da har vi endelig satt i gang med baderomsveggene - vi bestemte oss for å fikse to av veggene bare - "våtromssonene". Ny dusj blir det kanskje også etterhvert, men ikke helt enda. Flisene er iallefall kjøpt inn, og snart skal vi kjøpe gipsplatene til å utgjøre veggen liksom. Håper dette blir en kjapp og grei affære - *tror* vi får til å dusje i mellomtiden men er ikke helt sikker...:p
Og ja - det var det vi gjorde på StHans hehe. Holdt på med badet altså :p (ok, Simen fikset badet, jeg bare rydda litt underveis og hjalp til med å bære ting ut sånn at ikke badet skulle bli for overfylt av falne fliser og sånn). Regna jo sånn ute så vi bestilte oss heller pizza og svigermor kom med jordbær og is :)

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  1. Dena Said,'> 7:47 AM

    Hey girl! I wanted to say congrats to you. Luxe is ohh so very lucky to have you aboard!


  2.'> 9:41 PM

    Jeg føler med deg (når det gjelder badet altså). Vi har vært uten kjøkken i snart to uker og det er rotete og møkkete overalt. Lei. De nye Luxe papierene ser utrolig kule ut.


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