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~~ Sunday & Pencil-Lines ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, June 08, 2008
Ahh...the last few days have been really really hot. Have been enjoying the sun - I've never been one for heat (I hate being too hot. I hate freezing too. Take those crazy English girls - I never quite got why they were running around outside in barely no clothes, certainly no jacket and with stilettos as if it was summer in the middle of rainy november nights. can hang off your coats inside the nightclubs no? :p), but this heat comes with lovely breezes so it's not that bad, not in the shadows anyways. Scrapping outside is lovely - as long as I remember bringing enough tools to keep the lighter stuff on the table and not flying around!! :P Today however hasn't been as hot and sunny as the last few days, and it's fairly windy...a refreshing change :) The kiddo has been running around with friends all weekend - sleeping outside in a tent, bathing with pals at their pools and so on and so on. Amalie is pretty content being at home as long as I join her in the trampoline when she feels like jumping & taking the odd trip to the playground :)

Anyways. Pencil-Lines #88. Sketch by Regiane Santos, an incredible talented scrapper from Brazil. LOVE Rouge de Garance :) So colorful :) Not sure why the prima-papers doesn't show as colorful as it is irl in this photo when the rest of the layout's pretty vibrant. Weird. Anyways. Tracie showed me some of her recent creations and I fell in love with 6x12 again so hence this format's been a while since I did that format!!

Materials include: Rouge de Garance, Prima and Love, Elsie.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend..and oh, thanks for the comments on the new header...and yeah, that's me in it (why would I want some stranger on my header :p) :)

As for myself I am getting a brand new PC very soon - a necessity if I am to play AoC (and I don't mind otherwise (apart from wishing the money could be spent on a D300), my old PC only has like what, a measly total of 35gb avail space left and running Photoshop could be quite a patience at times with limited space/memory (I upgraded to 2gbRAM about a year ago but it didn't make any diff - so I am suspecting the bottleneck being something else, like the processor??). Here my husband is trying to assemble the computer - we'll see later tonight if it all works fine.. we counted a total of five!! fans for this! I can even purchase an own series of fans for the RAM if I want to hehe.. Crossing fingers that my sucky freeze-frame-bug in the summer-heat will be history!! (I've been forced to open the case having a reg. fan fanning into it at times :p) Among the specs are...if anyone wants to know.....Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz, 4gb RAM, 750gb HDD, new graphcard (GeForce 8800GT 512MB) cabinet... new motherboard.. bout my old's been patched every few years since like, the 90's ...besides......the dreaded BSOD has been a regularity the last few months, twice only the last week so yeah, really bout time as much as I'm using the computer :p Oh, and my kiddo will get mine as his is totally broken and has been for a few months now :p My hubby also needs a new PC but he was content with a new graphcard (same as mine) for now and I love him for thinking I should get a new PC first :) :) :)

Ps. Check this link out. It's cartoons from the earthquakes in China in May, from real stories (some of them are quite amazing - are they really real?? Do check out the accompanying interview the cartoonist did with some paper). Found this link via Neil Gaimans blog. Personally I cannot fanthom such catastrophes (China, Burma), the implications and the impact they have.. it's too unreal to me...I 80.000 dead or missing...over 15million lost their homes from this earthquake...that's like, three times the population in Norway (which's like 4.7mill)...some areas even lost entire generations of children..trying to grasp this gives me the chills...:( (Here's NY Times coverage of this btw)

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Sunday & Pencil-Lines ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 9:23 PM

    OUCHIe WAWA!!!!!! HOT header Ania! You totally *iNspirE*!! oxoxo


  2.'> 12:36 AM

    ooooh, det er varmt her ogsaa, men ingen vind :(
    Hoeres deilig ut aa scrappe ute, tror jeg maa teste det ut saa fort jeg har fri igjen :D

    Du inspirerer meg til aa scrappe 6x12 igjen :) Nydelig lo! :)



  3. Vibeke Said,'> 1:00 PM

    Denne var rå flott!!! Digger fargene du bruker!!! Nå fikk jeg lyst til å prøve meg på dette formatet også!!! :)


  4. Aquarell Said,'> 10:00 PM

    Kjempeflott LO! Sitter og grubler på hvordan jeg skal løse denne... ;)


  5.'> 8:37 AM

    Nydelig LO's og små prosjekter med fargerike, herlige detaljer og stæsj i alle varianter og flotte bilder! Takk for inspirasjonen Ania - alltid input å få når man surfer innom deg ;)

    Header'n var grådig stilig! :) Ha ei flott uke!


  6. Kim Sonksen Said,'> 1:08 PM

    Wowowowowow I LOVE this layout. Don't tell the other girls but I think it's my fave for this week!


  7. Lene S Said,'> 9:26 AM

    Å du inspirerer så vanvittig! Jeg nyyyter synet av sidene dine...sukk!

    Nå er varmen på hell her hos oss. Egentlig godt og varmt, men kald vind. Skal vel skye over i dag, men litt regn gjør godt for hagene ;o)

    Ha en fortsatt fin dag :o)



  8.'> 7:35 PM

    ummmm......yikes, computer probs like that make me want to throw the machine out the window!!!!!
    love your pl lo this week!!!


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