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~~ AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, August 02, 2008

You know when you sometimes get the urge to just yell?? Really scream, let loose a wild, primal scream of happiness and bewilderness and yeah well....?

I got this urge just now.
All because of an email.

Oh dear.

I don't really know what more to say, I am just so. Flabbergasted. That's a word right? Kinda? Ahhhhh. I just wanna scream!!
And how funny!!! A fellow Norwegian on the team - Renee - she totally rocks!!!!! She's so more Hambly than me so tbh I am really really feeling like the odd outcast right now. Lol. Wow! Im so not gonna get any sleep right now for sure!!!! *exhales*
Lil more calmer now.
So happy to see fellow Pencilliner Sasha on the team too, and Celine is just fabby and not a too big a surprise, she's really Hambly kinda, like Renee...and SO happy just to get to work with her!! Ahhh and so excited. Looking forward to know the rest and oh just in general like... *Aaaahhh!?!!* Hambly!! Gah!! :D

35 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~'

  1. Unknown Said,'> 1:44 AM

    WOW WOW WOW! Så utrolig gøy og velfortjent Ania!! Gratulerer og lykke til i din nye jobb!! :D


  2. Oddbjørg Said,'> 2:03 AM

    GRATULERER så mye Ania, og jeg sier som Kristin utrolig gøy og velfortjent.
    Jeg er skikkelig stolt av deg..hihi
    Klem O


  3.'> 2:50 AM

    WOOOOOOOOWWW, so well deserved!! So excited for you, CONGRATS!!!


  4. Sasha Farina Said,'> 5:59 AM

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Congrats Ania!!!


  5.'> 6:09 AM

    That is awesome !!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!


  6. ninabakke Said,'> 7:50 AM

    Grattis :) :) :)


  7. _Kine Said,'> 8:43 AM

    Sweet!! Grattis Ania! Dette har du fortjent :D


  8. TiteC Said,'> 9:39 AM

    Congratulations Ania !!

    I'm thrilled to see your name on this list, and I'm sure you'll make great things for Hambly !!

    xxx from France


  9. Anita Said,'> 10:08 AM

    Wow, så moro da! Gratulerer så mye!!:)


  10. Catrine Said,'> 10:11 AM

    Wow Ania! Gratulerer så mye!!! Virkelig velfortjent! *stor klem*


  11. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 10:55 AM

    Gratulerer så mye!!!

    Vel fortjent :o)



  12. mo9ca Said,'> 10:58 AM


    Gratulerer så masse Ania!! Dette var skikkelig gode nyheter!!
    Er sikker på at du kommer til å kreere masse lekkerbiskener for Hambly, og gleder meg til å følge med!!

    Igjen - Gratulerer!!!


  13. tessa Said,'> 10:59 AM

    WOW!!! Gratulerer!!!!


  14. Aquarell Said,'> 11:42 AM

    Så utrolig morsomt!:D


  15. Kim Sonksen Said,'> 12:03 PM

    Babes I am SO FREAKIN happy for ya. You totally deserve this. I just know you will be totally inspiring!!
    Big hugs and smoochies


  16. Beate Said,'> 8:38 PM

    Gratulerer så masse!!!


  17. Christine Said,'> 5:13 AM

    ooh! Ania! you're going to rawk Hambly, to be sure! CONGRATS girl!!!


  18. Staci Taylor Said,'> 1:52 PM

    Yay, Ania!! Saw your name on the list and I was so excited for you! Congrats girl!


  19. Sri Said,'> 3:11 PM

    Ania!!! This is awesome news! Congrats!


  20. ちゅと Said,'> 3:38 PM



    So glad for you!! and I am so happy for you because soon I can get to see you wonderful pages with HAMBLY!

    Take good care yourself (not get too tired!) ;)))!!!



  21. AnnaB Said,'> 6:40 PM

    Så himla roligt!!! Jättegrattis...!


  22. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 8:51 PM

    awesomeness above awesomeness!!!

    yeah :) totally deserved :)


  23. Anonymous Said,'> 11:35 PM

    Hurra Ania!
    Jeg er saa glad du er paa designteamet til Hambly!!!


  24. Spinvill Said,'> 11:42 PM

    Gratulerer så mye! Du lager så mye kult og stilig, gleder meg til å se hva du kommer til å lage med disse produktene! Go girl!


  25.'> 12:23 AM

    WOW og gratulerer så mye Ania. Så utrolig gøyt da og ikke minst spennende.
    Det er deg velfortjent, kos deg og lykke til ;)


  26. Tracie H Said,'> 12:32 AM

    Congrats Ania - Im so proud of you hun....a very well deserved spot :)


  27.'> 9:36 PM

    congratulations hun, cannot wait to see your creations :)


  28. Anna Said,'> 7:20 PM

    Congrats Ania ! You are so deserving of this.


  29. Anonymous Said,'> 10:54 PM

    This is awesome!

    Congratulations Ania! :)


  30.'> 10:27 AM

    Grattis Ania!

    Dette var virkelig fortjent!!!!
    Du ROCKER!!!!!!!!!!

    Klem, Vibeke


  31. Anette S Said,'> 11:32 AM

    Hurra hurra hurra!! Gratulerer så utrolig mye! Hambly er jo bare det tøffeste merket i hele scrappeverden! Og for noen damer du skal jobbe med! Gleder meg til å se alt du skal lage for dem!


  32. Unknown Said,'> 12:37 PM

    Gratulerer..... :-)

    Ikke overraskende..., så utrolig kreativ og dyktig som du er... :-)

    Lykke til!



  33. Cari Fennell Said,'> 2:46 PM

    I knew you would make the team girlie!!!! I am so excited and happy for you!!! that rocks!!!
    huge hugs and kisses!!!!!
    xoxo Cari


  34. Fatima Said,'> 8:53 AM

    You rock girl !!!! Gratulerer så mye.


  35.'> 7:47 PM

    GRATULERE Ania, dritrått!!! :-D
    Dette er jo sååå deg, du passer perfekt inn hos Hambly! Gleder meg til å se hva du greier å trylle frem for dem, garantert MYE flott!

    Ha en super dag og masse lykke til som designer hos Hambly! ;-)


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