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~~ Ive scrapped!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, August 11, 2008
Saturday was a good day scrapwise :)

Ever since the vacation started back in July I haven't gotten around to scrap Which's pretty ugh!! But first -- we went to Drammen, where I got to meet Cecilie, one of my scrapheroes from way back :) It was really nice to finally get to meet her :)

The we went to visit my grandma, where the children played with this little lady - my cousins daughter. Her parents are getting married this weekend - looking forward to the wedding!!

Then - late at night - I crashed this party at 11pm...this photo is taken at 3.40am or so -- when most of the scrappers had left - this group played it hardcore =) Thank you SO much for giving me my scrapping fix (all I had was two sheets of Hambly transparencies, two identical sheets of Hambly rubons and three sheets of patterned papers. oh, and a bag of brads - all of which I purchased at Papertrends right after my vacation started) and for the lovely company & the delicious food! The above layout was made for Fatima -- it was her birthday and everybody made a page for her minialbum. I managed to use mostly of my own stuff, and borrowed some primaflowers & bling from my kind neighbours :) At 3am, when most had left the party - those of us who remained decided to do a round robin - each of us had 5 minutes adding something to a layout before passing it on. I think I just added Hambly to everybodys layouts as that was all I had lol :)

Thank you so much for letting me crash the party so late (wish I could have come earlier) and thank you for the lovely end of a lovely day - both those on this photo and those who left earlier!! So happy to have gotten to meet both new and old friends!

Linda, Pelle, me, Fatima, Kirsten, Kristin

15 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Ive scrapped!!! ~~'

  1. Salte Said,'> 9:06 PM

    Takk for en hyggelig kveld hos Fatima! Veldig koselig å møte deg igjen. Håper det ikke blir lenge til neste gang.


  2. Fatima Said,'> 8:51 AM

    Det var veldig hyggelig at du kom. Sier som Salte håper det ikke blir lenge til vi møtes igjen.


  3. aase Said,'> 9:00 AM

    Koselig å få hilse på deg Ania!! Flott bilde av dere!!!


  4. _Kine Said,'> 9:43 AM

    Gah, det er altfor lenge siden jeg har sett Cecilie! Og kult å se scrapping fra deg igjen, gleder meg til du er hjemme fra ferie og back in business, trenger litt Ania i hverdagen! Don't suppose du er på østlandet lenge nok til å rekke siste treff på Papertrends?


  5. Rita Said,'> 9:46 AM

    Skal si dere var "hardcore" ja :) Kjempe koselig å treffe deg, og som de andre her sier - så håper jeg det ikke blir lenge til neste gang. :)


  6. Cecilie Said,'> 9:01 AM

    Hehe, jeg sa det i mailen, men sier det igjen: takk for et kjempekoselig lunsjtreff i Drammen sentrum :). Det var virkelig på høy tid at vi fikk truffet hverandre, og jeg håper det ikke blir så altfor lenge til neste gang! (Og nå har jeg til og med begynt å _kutte_ i papirene jeg drar frem, så kanskje det blir en LO snart også??? Hahaha)

    Ha en strålende dag!! KLEM!


  7. Lene S Said,'> 1:01 AM

    Å så koselig det må ha vært å hilse på alle sammen :o) :o)

    Har lagt igjen en liten award til deg i bloggen min..fordi "I <3 your blog" ;o)


  8. Staci Taylor Said,'> 3:20 AM

    Glad you got a chance to scrap, Ania, b/c that LO is gorgeous!! GReat pics, too!


  9. Trish Said,'> 10:31 PM

    I love your blog - wonderful work :)


  10.'> 3:30 PM

    sounds (and looks) like lots of fun!!
    we are so glad to have you back!!


  11. mo9ca Said,'> 8:10 PM

    Gosj! For en ultrakoselig gjeng!! Skjønner godt at dere koste dere massevis!!


  12. iris Said,'> 2:43 AM

    This layout just proves how perfect you are for the Hambly DT!! So proud of you Ania!! Congratulations!!


  13. Sasha Farina Said,'> 7:50 AM

    you're awesome you know that, right? with limited supplies you managed to churn THAT!! beautifully done Ania!


  14. Dena Said,'> 7:19 PM

    Totally agree with Iris!
    I am so dang happy for you and Hambly :) You are going to be amazing on their team.


  15. tessa Said,'> 8:54 PM

    award til deg i bloggen min ;-)


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