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*faint* MMM09

Posted by Ania On Thursday, August 21, 2008
No, I did not win.
But I became a Runner-Up!!!!!!!! *faint*
So much more than I dared hope for considering I thought I messed up the prints!!!

*gotta scoot to pickup the little one in kindergarten*
Sorry for the short, boring post!!! Just HAD to share. o.O

16 intriguing feedbacks to '*faint* MMM09'

  1. Mari Said,'> 3:57 PM

    grattis!!! og så velfortjent!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2.'> 4:20 PM

    Big congrats!!!!


  3. _Kine Said,'> 4:27 PM

    Yay! Grattis :D


  4. Anna Said,'> 5:27 PM

    WOW that is so cool Ania ! Congrats and you are so deserving of this honor ! Again congrats


  5. Catrine Said,'> 6:29 PM

    Wow!!! Gratulerer så mye ania!!!


  6. AnnaB Said,'> 6:34 PM

    Wooohoooo! Stoooort grattis!!!!


  7. eMeLiNe Seet Said,'> 6:36 PM

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  8. eMeLiNe Seet Said,'> 6:37 PM

    Another round of Congratulations to u again !! :)


  9. Aquarell Said,'> 6:41 PM

    Så morsomt da!


  10. Carrin Said,'> 7:50 PM

    Så bra!!!


  11.'> 9:41 PM

    so happy for you hun, congratulations:)


  12.'> 10:46 PM

    Congratulations! :)
    I am so proud to be a runner up with you! :)


  13. Lene S Said,'> 11:07 PM

    Du ass!! :o) :o) Så morsomt, og så velfortjent! Gratulerer!


  14.'> 5:08 AM

    Congrats !!!! Yaaayyy for you, this is one tough competition !!!


  15. Fatima Said,'> 5:04 PM

    You rock girl !!!!


  16. Anonymous Said,'> 5:38 AM

    Congratulations! Wow! You should be so PROUD of yourself! Well done and have an awesome Year! GO WILD......


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