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~~ Heat, friends and stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, June 29, 2009


I'll go with the popular subject these days and whine some about the heat. It makes me drowsy. Drowsy drowsy drowsy! I don't like it! (ok I like that I can wear summery & light clothes now, but other than that - too much sun and heat is ugh)

Anyways. Don't have much to say (blaming the heat here making me drowsy..did I mention that already hm? :p), just wanna share some recent stuff..

My two last layouts for the Bella Artista-guestthingie for Bella Blvd :)

Pencil-Lines #141 w/Christiane Muller :) :)
I borrowed the title (the idea of "name"²) from a layout I saw not long ago - I am so sorry that I can't recall whose layout, just saw how she did the title and thought "Oh neat!". Thanks whoever this was...I am sure it was a Norwegian....(and sorry for not recalling who you were :p). Anyways. Point is - my Amalie loved playing with Banglamarie's Amalie in her adorable pink hence the title: "Amalie²" :)
I used various bits and pieces of old and new Fancy Pants for this layout :)

And then we got Nikki Sivils' "My Sweet Cherry Pie" - easily my favorite from her :)
Seriously, when thinking of my friend whom I made this layout about I can't help but smile - she's such a genuine force of nature - I am so glad she's my friend :)

More "My Sweet Cherry Pie"- this time a card - I also used one of her stamps on the twill-ribbon - I really like how it turned out :)

Right. Hope you're surviving in this heat - have a nice week :)

Ps! Just finished the Twilight-series. Mhmm. Personal opinion? The two first books were a bit dull. Like, blah blah blah yadayada. Third book was (thankfully) more interesting, and the fourth book was very enthralling. Please don't burn me for saying the two first ones were dull!!! :p (and yes I still had to read them all - I'm like - once I've started I had to finish them all) Oh and my personal favorite is Alice. Ofc. ;p

Ps2! Need more books for the Summer! Got any suggestions? Now that I'm done w/the Twilight-series I'm gonna move on to "Good Omens" then one or two of the unread Mo Hayder-books I have here and hopefully "Neverwhere" aswell - mhm.. and that's it for now...

( jf2tr5npkq )

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  1. pattyo Said,'> 1:05 AM

    Great layouts! I absolutely had the same opinion regarding the Twilight books, and Alice is my favorite, too! I just finished reading "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. It's more science fiction, so it's quite different from "Twilight." I'm not much for hot weather either, especially with the humidity here in Pennsylvania. It drains my energy!


  2. _Kine Said,'> 9:44 AM

    Jeg syns bok 3 var den beste, men likte bok 2 også. Er ikke så Jacob-fan though. Syns kanskje bok 4 var litt veeeeeel happy-sappy da, men den hadde noen fine moments. Håhå, gleder meg til å Twilightnerde på Papirfest <3 Neverwhere is coming to a mailbox near you når som helst!


  3.'> 1:13 PM

    *dåne* Du er bare så fantastisk kreativ og talentfull at det finnes ikke ord Ania, alt du lager bare ROCKER!


  4.'> 11:03 PM

    i have just finished the twilight series too, loved the last book but was dissaponited in the ending. Love your PL layout this week


  5.'> 6:39 AM

    hello sweet pea.. :) I've missed you..


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