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~~ My 2009 Wish List ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, August 03, 2009

In about a month I'll be turning some silly age..
Figured I'd create a wishlist for those in my family who'd like to give me what I actually want sorta...pretty pretty please?? *smile*

  • The R-strap: A nifty & handy strap for easier&more comfortable wear of the camera...yes thank you please!! Been on my mental wishlist for about a year..:p
  • The White Balance Lens Cap: It's exactly what it says - a lens cap that also acts like a white balance card. Sounds cool, curious on the actual usefulness/useability of it.. (52mm for me btw)
  • Nikkor 105mm f/2.8: Um what can I's cheaper than the f/2.0!! ;p Really, I'd love love love this one. If only money wasn't an issue.. *sigh* (and I wouldn't mind if this was the only gift I ever got for this bday :p)
  • Lensbaby Composer: Mkay, this one is just for fun, and I don't think I'd use it too often sorta, but I wouldn't say no to one :p PS! I'm not really sure wheter I'd like the Composer or the Control Freak, hmm...
  • Nikon 28-70 f/2.8: Eh, yeah, just for shiz and giggles... I'm fully aware that people need to win a lot of money in the lottery & love me very very much for fullfilling this one ;p
  • Some kind of cool and nice camerabag w/room for a largeish body, at least 2 lenses and old crumpler-bag is way too small (and besides it's sorta for my old camera only anyways) and can't even handle the 14-24mm lens (but I sorta suspect very few bags's darn HUGE! :p) Big bonus if the bag itself is cool too *cough* I'm thinking the medium bags from Jill-e would fit the bill - maybe in black or bone... :P
  • I suppose a tripod would come in handy as I don't have one..needs to be sturdy and lightweight and preferrably with one of them ballheads or whatever it's called..
  • And just because the list so far is only about photography I suppose I should throw in something complete Sandman series (I suppose the easiest would be The Absolute Sandman vol 1.-4. which seem to be a complete collection of all the sandman-series..)...throw in some additional related graphic novels like "Death: the high cost of living" or "Death: The time of your life" and stuff and I'll be one happy harpy :p
  • Oh, and this perfume - She Wood by Dsquared2 :)

Seriously though, I have no illusions that I'll actually get the more expensive stuff on the list, but hey, at least the list is out there like, just in case sombody feels really really generous this year hmm? Or wanna combine bday+Christmas or something like that :p

Oh, and let's not forget - my PencilLines-layout this week w/My Little ShoeBox stuff (and a fair deal of Hambly aswell :) )

Right now I'm busybusy editing photos from the wedding we attended this weekend aswell as trying to figure out which cellphone I'll go for next (my current one got kinda run over w/a car this weekend. No idea how that happened but it did, rendering it totally useless atm :( )

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My 2009 Wish List ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 6:37 PM

    Så søt layout :D Digge farger sammen!
    Sindre sikler også på en sånn lensbaby. De Sandmanbøkene er kjempefine, vi har alle sammen nå og de er skikkelig flotte (og ikke minst svintunge... note to self, ikke lurt å bære tunge bøker hjem fra postkontoret).


  2. Emilie Said,'> 7:36 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful LO! Gorgeous colors!


  3. Margrethe Said,'> 7:37 PM

    Bildet minner meg virkelig om bildene fra :)

    Har Nikon 105mm selv - flott objektiv. Liker også godt 50mm f/1.4.


  4.'> 7:59 PM

    loving your wish list!


  5. Camilla Said,'> 5:18 AM

    Så fin layout, liker fargene!
    Likte ønskelisten din også, håper du får noe av det da:)
    Den kamerabagen var snasen.


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