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~~ PiH’s skissekortkonkurranse :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Papir i Hjertet, a scrapstore in Norway, turns three years old (how quick time flies!) and has a sketch-contest going on. Loved both the layout- & cardsketch, made by HegeAL – had to join! :) Here’s my cards – hopefully I’ll get a layout done sometime this Easter aswell :) Happy Birthday PiH! :)


The rules, besides using the sketch, was to use at least one paper that’s more than a year old, and to reuse/recycle something non-scrappy. I lovelovelove the woodgrain-papers from Hambly, and despite having a number of both the papers & transparencies I’m so cheap when it comes to using it – I don’t want to be out of it just in case! Well, with this challenge from PiH I decided it was about time to use *some* of it hm? I have no idea how long I’ve saved this scrap-transparency in my scrap-folder – but it’s surely more than a year! :P (It’s one of the original designs from Hambly back when they started doin scrapstuff afaik – at least one of the designs helping Hambly break in to the scrappy market)

My non-scrappy item is the yellow little clips thingie (decorated w/red bling). We did a huge spring-cleaning at work a few weeks ago, and among the things that was found in the old darkroom was a box of this. It looks pretty old, and noone knew what it was for. Here’s some piccies of the box:

stjerneryttere1 stjerneryttere2 It’s called “Stjerneryttere” (translated: starriders), but I couldn’t find anything when googling it. Could it have been something that was used for darkroom-photography, or is it just a random office-thingie? (couldn’t have been much useful as it’s not very good at holding heavier stuff together sort of). Nevertheless, I was asked if I wanted it since they thought it might have something to do w/photography, and I said sure, thinking of scrapping ;) It’s small and cute :)

Anyone out there knows what it is for?

Edit: Lizzie thought it must be something to hang up the negatives with. Ofcourse - why didn't Ithink of the lightness of negatives when thinking they were too small to hold anything of weight - these clips must surely be enough to hold the negs. Sounds very plausible!


Anyways, back to the card. I love to use transparencies like this for cards. Looks so elegant dontchathink :) The transparency-butterflies got blinged up, and I have to say I am more and more in love with the Hambly-kraft-stickers! :)card1a NEW Hambly! Cute hearts-paper! :) I colored one of the hearts w/magenta stickles.


I loved the sketch so much I even made another card, but I don’t really like it as much as the first one. Nevertheless – I tried, that’s an extra chance for the contest, no? =)

Scenic Route paper (loves!) – it’s more than a year old (and SR is no more :( ), embellished w/Hambly rub-ons and another Hambly Kraft-sticker, aswell as cute felt-butterflies I got from Eli long time ago (Christmas –08 wasn’t? :) ). My non-scrappy item here is the borders made from filmrolls – I cut out the borders.

Mkay, off to do some grocery-shopping for Easter then hopefully back to start on the other PiH-sketch :)

In the meantime – have a lovely Easter :)

Ps! Kjære mamma. Ja, jeg har laget kort til mormor og det sendes idag. Jeg er treg, jeg vet det. Sorry! Den som venter på noe godt etc etc....god påske! =)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ PiH’s skissekortkonkurranse :) ~~'

  1. HegeAL Said,'> 2:54 PM

    Såå kule kort du har laget ania!!! Kjempegøy å se skissa mi i bruk. (som forøvrig var min første kort skisse :-P)

    Ha en superduper fin påske!



  2. Lizzie Said,'> 9:14 PM

    Lovely cards! I hope you win a prize, if they have one!

    Those StarRiders look like little clips to hang up photo negatives to dry out after processing? Anyway, they make great scrapping accessories.


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 10:08 PM

    Kjempeflotte kort du har laget.:)
    God påske til deg!


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