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~~ so tired of feeling blue ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, March 05, 2010

Since last blogpost…

DSC_5361...this lil dude celebrated his 9th birthday (seriously, I’m not gonna pretend that it feels like yesterday that he was a wee little baby, but still, it does not feel like nine whole years either!)

DSC_5331 And I had my mom over to help celebrate his birthday.

ferdig_kjaerlighetInspired by several craft-blogs playing with polymer clay (Fimo) and a cool post using lollipops from the Elle’s Studio-blog I set out to make this little cute lollipop-gifts and a guide to include polymer clay-gifts in scrapbooking over at Minneriket.

card1_cuRemember this card from a while ago? It was a part of the polymer clay guide mentioned above. I made a speech-bubble w/my turquoise clay and adhered a small magnet to it (and a gluedot to the magnet to adhere it to the card too :p). That way the receiver will get a cute little gift with the card itself sorta.

cuHmmm just figured I’d share another view of the lollipop-flower from above. I thought the finished result looked fairly cool if I may say so myself. And it's a nice way to actually get to use the 100000 flat paper-flowers I’m sure you also have lying around! (these are from Making Memories and came in two sizes & shapes, making it pretty easy to layer up enough interesting flowers for this look).

Papers and ribbon from Fancy Pants Designs by the way, SIIC gemstone from Prima.


Fancy Pants Designs just had a product spotlight on the new Road Show rubons, and here’s my contribution.
I had actually started on a layout and gessoed & splattered glimmermist all over it, when I decided to add a little more glimmermist. Bad idea. When opening the bottle in order to get larger splotches I lost grip of the bottle and spilled 1/4 of it on the layout itself. TOTALLY MAJOR bummer. It was one of my favepapers too, grr. I may use the ruined paper at some later point, but this particular project I had in mind was ruined for sure. Feeling quite annoyed of this waste of time & stuff I decided to go for a simple card instead. Here’s the result, using Road Show paper & ribbons and a sheet from the Vintage Christmas Notebook Journal.


Love making pleated ribbons! The gemstone is from Prima :) fleurcard_cu2

For the whole March month Fancy Pants Designs is doing a blog relay with Tattered Angels, maybe better known as the producers behind glimmer mist (and screens and tiles and stamps and much much more these days). I already love and own several of their glimmermist-bottles, having been a former TA Educator, and I hoped to get to try the new glaze, but alas, no such luck (bummer!). Guess I’ll just have to purchase it when it's released later in March, huh :p Maybe on one of my upcoming trips to Oslo :) Anyways, I digress… I sprayed Jazz Blue glimmermist (total fave here along with Patina, Snow Angel, Iridescent Gold and Coffee Shop) on this regal chip tile and used two of the rubons from Road Show on it (the script & flower). The rubons looks quite dimensional which’s pretty awesome.


Working on a few tutorials and stuff I’ll share on this blog during next week, as well as a fun announcement (regarding the blog) coming up shortly. I’d stay tuned if I was you ;)

Ps! Totally totally thrilled! Marit Larsen is scheduled to play at the local music festival (Lost Weekend) this summer! Here’s to hoping I will get another chance to take pictures of her & actually meet her!

Title: “Skipalong” – Lenka


2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ so tired of feeling blue ~~'

  1. Zarah Said,'> 12:18 PM

    Love that song! Lenka makes me happy.

    I also love your style so I'm happy you updated! :D


  2. Lene S Said,'> 12:02 PM

    Takk for link Ania! Tror nok problemet mitt er at jeg er litt utålmodig når det gjelder å lese forklaringene he he ;) Får nok bare ta meg sammen og prøve hardere.

    Liker å lese bloggen din! En herlig blanding av fotte scrappearbeider, fotorelatert stoff og ikke minst herlige bilder.

    Ha en fortsatt super helg :))


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