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~~ On nails and little pleasures ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 12, 2010

You can´t get away from the fact that it´s soon Valentines, at least not if you´re a (foregin)´s still not that a big deal here in Norway, but I believe people generally are more aware of this - the stores all want to sell us on this one. Valentines Day his Sunday also coincides on the National Mothers Day, aswell as the day the Carnival (Fastelavnsøndag) is celebrated here in Norway. Three things in one! ("men det går jo ikke" :p)


Anyways, I created these cards from Fancy Pants Designs "Vintage Valentine" and "Splendid" collection. They were featured at the product spotlight post for Fancy Pants the other day.


I have to admit that I didn´t really see the point with banners as embellishment before, but they sure are growing on me - especially in miniature-format - it´s so cute!! I cut then hearts from a sheet of the "Splendid"- line (Fancy Pants Valentine-line from last year) and ran them through the sewing machine. The cute little dragon is from the cards-sheet from same line - just cut out as a die cut. And the talking bubble? I´ll elaborate on it in a later post when a little article about it will pop up at Minneriket. The two background-papers used on this card is from "Vintage Valentine".


The other card is more simple, and I (*blush*) forgot to sew along the edges before I adhered it to the card with (real strong) 3d foam, so hence the drawn lines along the edges. Ahwell. Backgroundpapers from "Vintage Valentine", handcut hearts and punched out butterfly (w/Martha Stewart-punch - I SO WANT THE LARGE BUTTERFLY ONE!!) from "Splendid" and tag from Elle´s studio aswell as letters from Adornit.


The butterfly has gotten stickles on it..and oh, just a friendly little advice - don´t try to squeeze the stickles-bottle right above your project. Luckily the glitterglue-mess was easily removable *cough*.

I also made a layout for the same product spotlight on "Vintage Valentine". A quite simple one (and a much used design on the layout imo - I feel like I keep doing the same thing over and over again..?? Nrgh). Anyways, cute story - little one got a, what do you call it - wooden splinter? Thorn? Under her foot, and it was causing her much pain and she refused to let us touch it/try to take it out. It was a 1 1/2 hour long struggle and she allowed us to put her in the bathtub to soften the skin but no touchie... in the end she was exhaused of all the crying and we put her to bed and had to force her to lie still in order to be able to remove it. Not much fun, neither for her nor us, but it had to be done...and hey, she got to pick a "littlest pet shop" toy because of this - we tried to sweeten the deal by promising her this if she was a good girl and would let us remove the thorn for her...she wasn´t a good girl, but she remembered the promise so we gave her the reward nevertheless :p (we normally don´t do rewards (other than the usual diaper-thing (done long ago thank god :p) & sleep-in-your-own-bed-thing), but this was an exception :p)

I made this layout back when I had a crop at my home with some friends, and stole (mwahha) my neighbours gorgeous papertape to make the ruffled border. It was paired with a border-diecut from Fancy Pants "Splendid"-line aswell as a glitter-flower from Making Memories and a FP-button on top of it. On the piccie you can see daddy trying to persuade the little one to let him remove the thorn :p


I finally got my nailpolishes in the mail!! YAY!!!! It´s simply GORGEOUS, DIVINE, LOVELY - I´m madly in LOVE with matte nailpolish!!! Pictured above (please excuse my poor neglected, ugly cuticles :p) is the ZOYA Polish Laquer in "Dovima matte"....*sigh* I just love it :) It´s a dark grey/almost blackish polish with grey shimmer in it so it doesn´t look too flat. Can´t wait to try out the other colors I got too, ZOYA "Posh matte" (red) and ORLY "Purple Velvet". I´ve read that matte polish chips more easily than normal polish, and I can see a slight wear at the edges of my nails (in less than 24hours) but it doesn´t look too bad....yet. I don´t mind. Cool nailpolish makes me happy :)

Now for a little blogcandy!! (Norwegian only, or well, for those who understands Norwegian :p)


Minneriket er et fantastisk forum og gratis online magasin for scrappeinteresserte!

Vi har nå en blogcandy der du legger til knappen nedenfor i din blogg, skriver et innlegg, og melder om dette inne på blogcandytråden på forumet. Det trekkes ut en RAK blant alle deltakere, til en verdi av 350,- (blant annet en Martha Stewart-punch)!

Frist er fredag 19.februar, kl.20.

For ordens skyld:
1. Legg til knappen på bloggen din, med link til Minneriket.
2. Skriv et innlegg om Minneriket der du også legger ut knappen.
3. Svar i tråden med link til bloggen din.
4. Kryss armene og vent på trekning av premie!

Enjoy the weekend! :)

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ On nails and little pleasures ~~'

  1. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 12:42 PM

    Så herlige kort, og ikke minst monsteret :o)

    Digger neglelakken din, kanskje jeg må ta en titt på disse jeg også ;o)

    Ha en fortreffelig helg, og så treffe vel kanskje i kveld :o)



  2. Wati Basri Said,'> 3:06 PM

    love what u did with the FP V-day lines :)
    and love that matte nail colour too...FAB!!


  3. Maren Said,'> 5:21 PM

    Eeeeelsker kortene du har laget, helt fantastisk med hjertene sydd på! Kanonstilig! Jeg MÅ bare finne frem symaskinen igjen, vet bare ikke helt om jeg har plass til den. :S


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 6:59 PM

    Those cards are so adorable! I think I may have to jump on the banner bandwagon - they are so cute!



  5. anna Said,'> 10:24 AM

    so in "LOVE" with your valentine projects.
    anyideas why my tweets are not shoing up on my blog :(


  6. Sasha Farina Said,'> 4:48 PM

    be my valentine? I'm lonely right now :)


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