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~~ Epla-butikk… ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, April 09, 2010

Whenever I create cards or similar, I prefer to make them specifically for whoevers getting it. So when I create stuff without anyone specific in mind, they often just end up in my box of unused cards for emergency-situations. So, figured I could at least see if someone else would want these unwanted cards and stuff - that would be best, no? If they actually got used for something... so, I opened a little epla-store (the Norwegian equivalent to etsy) called "Anias lille hjørne" (which is "Little corner of Ania" translated to Norwegian ;) ) Feel free to have a peek :)

Har åpna en epla-butikk for kort og andre småtterier som jeg mekker men ikke bruker selv - stikk innom og ta en kikk, da vel :)

Made a little surprise for my mom and grandma for Easter. Had to wait to post´em here because I was slightly late getting them off the mail, so they didn´t get them until like two days ago or so.

It’s just some cards wrapped around some chocolate. I hear they’re very happy (and mom was pretty surprised as she thought I only sent a greeting to grandma, not her aswell ;) )

roadshow_cu1  I used mostly Fancy Pants Designs here – paper from Road Show (Strips), felt & buttons… the ribbon is from Prima and I also used my Fiskars & Martha Stewart – punches.roadshow_cu2 These cards/wraps were showcased in the FP post for Road Show strips & cards. This card is kept closed w/Basic Grey magnets (note to self – need to buy more of these!).

There’s a new Pink Paislee – collection in town – “Starlight”! Hop on over here to see the whole mini-collection for yourself and for a chance to win an entire set! It’s one of, if not the best “4th of July” collection I’ve seen – yes, it has the traditional colors and patterns, but with a more generic approach which will deem it more useable for non-americans as well. Yay!

Have a lovely weekend. I’m totally pumped atm & look forward to a much needed rest (and hopefully  some scrapping too :) ).

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Epla-butikk… ~~'

  1. Lizzie Said,'> 10:28 PM

    Ania, these cards/chocolate packets are really pretty! I love the scalloped edgings and the flowers made with yellow felt and buttons. I'm not surprised that your grandma and mum were very happy with their gifts!
    Thanks for sharing the link to win the Starlight stuff - I really like Pink Paislee.
    Good luck with your shop - I will go and have a look. I have a shop on Etsy, which I'm very proud of too.


  2. Heidi Said,'> 12:56 AM

    Herlige kort Ania!!!! Grattis med egen "butikk"!!!! Dette kommer til å gå unna i en fei!!!
    Ha en superduper helg!!!

    Har du forresten noen gode tips på hvor det er lurt å shoppe Hambly??


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