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~~ I know they think I’m crazy ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 24, 2010


While (attempting to) cleaning up my scrapdesk, I came across Amalies hair, cut in 2008. Um yeah. I’ve been intending to scrap it for about two years. Figured – mkay – I oughta do something about it (and have one less crap on my desk) – and used Pencil-Lines sketch #201 to create this layout. It was a twopager, and I guess I oughta take on the challenge to do a twopager soon (it’s not really that difficult, just…not me I guess), but I just smooshed the sketch into this onepager.  The bag the hair is in comes from Scrapbook Adhesives by the way – Keepsake Envelopes.

6a00d8341cae8753ef0134866355a1970c For the sketch Pencil-Lines collaborated with Color Combos Galore, and we got this colorcombo to use.

Hmm! I whipped out my Fancy Pants Designs-papers, and found that the Road Show-collection was perfect for this colorcombo.


I also had these black and white photos stored in my (too thick) photobook w/preprinted photos I haven’t gotten around to scrap yet. Yay. Less photos in that book too!

hair_cu2  This tag is one of my faves from Elle’s Studiodate & place tags. Perfect for about anything needing datestuff added to. Notice the glittertransparency? It’s a frame from Fancy Pants, a bit too large for my usual scrapping, but I thought it was perfect used like this for this sketch.


After much contemplating, I created a new blog. I’ve mentioned earlier that I would love to practice my writing, but I haven’t felt that this blog was the right place to do it on. Besides, most of the writing would have to be in Norwegian (although I probably might do a few texts at English as well). The thought is to gather small text – some observations, petites, attempts at novelettes and so on at that place. I’ve called it Tekster i fritt fall.


mini7 It has come to my attention that not everybody have been able to obtain the PDF-file w/the class for this minialbum. The mainreason for this is probably that you need a googleaccount to be able to view/download it, and while it’s fast and free to register for a googleaccount, not everybody wants to bother doing that first. I’ve therefore put it up at a filesharing-server, so you can download it from there too (you have to wait 20 secs before being able to click download). Remember – if you do this class (use the techniques to create a mini or a layout) before Sept 4th, sign up for a chance at The Studio blog on the giveawayprize from Elle’s Studio! See prize below:


Have a nice week :)


Title: “A few small bruises” – Maria Mena

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I know they think I’m crazy ~~'

  1. Lene Said,'> 3:13 PM

    Så knallstilig LO'en din ble ! Herlig å se så mange bilder på en LO!

    Ønsker deg en kreativ dag!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 10:49 PM

    Stilig layout!! (hilsen banglamarie som ikke gidder å logge seg på blogger :P)


  3.'> 1:40 AM

    This LO is so sweet! A perfect way to preserve the memory!


  4. Ayarina Said,'> 12:44 PM

    Ohhh! Great idea! Nice work!


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