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Posted by Ania On Saturday, August 21, 2010


Ey :)
I made a minialbumclass for the Summer Cybercrop over at The Studio.

I dunno when it’ll be up – but do check their site cause they’re having classes and challenges all day today, Saturday. Update: It’s now up! Do download the class instead of viewing it on the web, the quality of the images will be much better on your own pc (at least it is for me, dunno why, maybe it’s the browser?).

In this class, which’ll also be available as PDF, I’ll be explaining how I was thinking and different step-by-step methods for recreating a similar minibook :) Oh, and there’ll be a giveaway by Elle’s Studio to accompany this class…..:) (Thanks Elle, you’re the best! :) )

Speaking of classes and Elle’s Studio, do drop by their blog – they have a hugeass (sorry the wording ;p) class on journaling running almost whole this month, how to go on about it and why it’s so important for your layouts….awesome thoughts and tips to be learned for sure (and a few giveaways here and there too ;) )!

As for other scrappy news:


3ndypapir has a brand new Epla-store where you can purchase papers directly from 3ndypapir if your local scrapbookstore doesn’t have them in their inventory.


Elle’s Studio recently released these two awesome digitag-elements – shown above is the “In the moment journaling”-tags.


Father Christmas is coming to Pink Paislee! :D

Hmmm..can’t think of other scrappy news…hmm…but I am sure I’ve forgotten a thing or two! Sorry! :p



The first day at the University went well. It was just an infomeeting – and although I am not required to take/follow any of the classes offered for the Masters Degree (as I have been through all the obligatory classes years back, and thus can just start on my thesis straight away), I found two utterly interesting classes I am fairly sure I just have to follow (one on media economy (useful!) and another on media reception & understanding the audiences (this is a practical one, and I believe I’ll learn much about politics & the system which should prove useful for future reference) in addition to a refreshment-course on the basics of writing a thesis. Oh, and I want to volunteer at quite a few places. Ugh. So little time, so much I want to do! We’ll see…honestly, I should just start on my thesis straight away and focus on that and that only, but…..


I’ll wrap up with a few more images from the minialbum I created for The Studio’s SummerCybercrop. Remember to drop by them to see the tutorial in its whole!

mini2 mini15

 mini10Have a lovely weekend!

Title: “Cornflake Girl” – Tori Amos

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ She knows what’s going on ~~'

  1. Nitasha Said,'> 3:49 PM

    This mini is MEGA-Cute!!! Can't wait to see the full project at the Studio!


  2.'> 10:18 PM

    Such an adorable mini! I love how colorful & whimsical it is!


  3. Sonja Said,'> 9:53 AM

    Utrulig kult mini album! Ha en fortsatt fin helg :)



  4. Sasha Farina Said,'> 4:13 PM

    a student now huh.. don't go crazy. but even if you do.. i'll still love you.


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