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~~ Across the deep blue ocean ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I did a post for Pink Paislee w/this layout. Hm. I have to admit I first didn’t like this layout, then I liked it, then now..I don’t. Ahwell. Sometimes I think I tend use too many papers, making the layout bit too busy. When I feel like that I usually strike back and do a real minimalist layout. Like to say: “Hah! Back at ya stupid layouts!”. Ok. I’ll shut up now before I sound more weird than I normally do ;pdsi_cu1

I do like the details.. dsi_cu2

Just maybe..a bit too any different colors & patterns & stuff in the end? dsi_cu3Jeje.


Been busy working on two completely different minialbums (in a row! Phew!One of them seen above). And they’re both tutorials! Look out for them coming sometime by the end of August methinks (they’re not for this blog, so I don’t control when they’ll be posted. I think.).

And while I have your attention (Hello? Helloo?):

Elle’s Studio is hosting a free journaling class August 8th-28th. Oh, and the August blog challenge is quite simple over at Elle’s – simply help spreading the word about this (quite useful I must admit) class and you’re entered to win one of four 25$ gift certificates to Elle’s Studio! You can blog, tweet or fb about it.

Supercute (for some reason I don’t really like to use the word(s) “supercute”, but this one really, really, really is) viral stuff: Mila’s Daydreams. Go check it out. So.Darn.Cute! (and creative!)
I’d link double rainbow as well but that dude sounds….suspicious hahaha..*cough*

In other words. Juggling work (this week+esp weekend will be busy, with two main events happening at the same time. Not often that happens at our little island ;p), scrapbooking & playing StarCraft2. Oh, and reading. Summer’s always been when I actually get to read stuff (otherwise only when at airports/flights – I usually buy a new book when travelling :p), and this summer I’ve been enjoying Norwegian authors like Frode Grytten, Per Petterson and…uh, well, maybe not really enjoying, I dunno – Knausgård (have yet to finish the first book of “Min Kamp”. Kind of just drifted away. Hate unfinished business though so I’ll finish it sometime.). Oh, and while at Outland the other day I couldn’t not buy this book - “Stories” – an anthology edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. Have read four short stories so far and am loving the tales for their delightful quirkiness and great love for storytelling.

Sigh. So little time. So much I want to do.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before. I have two more weeks left at work, before I’ll leave them for the University to start work on my M.A. degree. I started on it years ago, but never finished due to various circumstances. Guess it’s time to pick up the pieces now. I’ve promised I’d freelance for them though (work that is – I work as a photojournalist). And I don’t mind, I find it too much fun to not do so :) And I have a couple projects on the side which I hope will develop into longer stories later on.

Hm. Nuff talk about me, myself and I. Have a nice week :)

Title: “Lucky” – Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

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