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~~ Creative summer-lights (kiddofriendly activity) ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 10, 2011


It’s summer, which means icecream, jumping and bicycling outside and hanging around with friends for the little ones. And, not to mention – times when they have nothing else to do but watching TV…


Well, with empty glass-jars, a few sheets of Accent it All (Vinyl-stickersheets) and various punches, you can keep your little one occupied creating summer-lights at least.


Both the negatives and the punched out pieces can be used to decorate the certainly kept mine happy and wanting to do more than the three she already made!


You don’t even need to use real candlelight, you can find nifty electronical tea-lights at the market now – perfect for kids to use!


This project was created for Glue Arts, by the way :)

We’ve also created various cards, because she’s been complaining that “only mommy gets mail”…well, so we sent off a few cards in hopes that’ll mean she’ll get a card addressed to herself soon too…

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Creative summer-lights (kiddofriendly activity) ~~'

  1. pattyo Said,'> 1:12 AM

    These lights are so adorable! Good for Amalie that she wants to get regular mail--hope she gets a lot! Internet is fine; but to me, nothing beats receiving mail that you can hold!


  2. Eli Said,'> 8:18 AM

    De ble kjempefine med lys i! Herlige Amalie som var så stolt over å vise frem hva hun hadde laget <3


  3.'> 4:19 PM

    These little lights are just so adorable, Ania! I just love that your daughter was able to make her own.......and it's obvious she really enjoyed herself. Love, love your nighttime photos. You really showcased these to perfection. And I know I'm not the only one who thought so. Congrats on your 2peas feature. :)


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