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~~ My Favorite Crate Projects ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, July 05, 2011

When I saw Jenny Chesnicks post about Crate, I thought it was such a great idea. Wish I had done that for the other manufs I’ve been with..maybe I did, maybe I didn’t…can’t recall =)

Nevertheless…I’ve been with Crate Paper for a year, which’s two terms (as they do 6-mo terms)…it’s been a pure pleasure, and I’ve truly loved creating with their lovely collections. So – join me in this little walk down memory lane, won’t you? :)


This was my very first official project for Crate Paper, and still one of my favorites. Restoration is such a gorgeous collection, and honestly, I thought I’d use it lots and lots but turns out – I don’t really feel I’ve scrapped a lot with this collection. You can find the tutorial and more images from the mini here.


I really enjoy doing small altered stuff my way…one of my favorites are these matchboxes..cute and inexpensive little hostess-gift for the cold months...


One of my favorite layouts…love the laidback feel and the retroish colors and patterns…and oy, that’s like, me in the pictures too! Omg!


Loves…! One of my fave sketches by Emily Pitts by the way, who hosts the sketch challenges at the Crate blog :)


Another sketch-love…

I think this is the first layout I made w/the CHA-W stuff, namely the portrait-collection. Oh, and the very first layout of my nephew! :)


My darling niece – she’s coming over next week! Can’t wait! This one was created for a color challenge :)


I love this card because of two things; Toy Box, which’s a collection I initially didn’t think I would really like but which turned out to be one of my to-go-collections, and because of the small symbols used on this card which’s perfect for the one getting it.


Just gotta add this one, my daughter loved this book I made for her…hmmm..I think this one was a tutorial over at the Crate-blog which I can’t find on my own blog, so I guess I’ll repost it here sometime after CHA :)

Right! You can find the new Crate Paper design team on their blog all this week. Atm only the first batch has been posted, and I'm thrilled to see that Amy Heller is returning, and hope more of my favorites still are on the team :)

Have wrapped up all my CHA-projects now – I just need one tiny nap and then I’ll attempt to clean up. Or something like that. My MIL took her two sons and their kids along with her to Kongeparken…I’ve gotten rapports that everything’s well with them :)


Oh, and by the way? Check out this awesome ring I got in the mail the other day. Thanks so much, Banglamarie!! And yes, I do indeed shoot people! Haaa! :p (it’s a bit large, so it’s resting comfortably on my middlefinger….so whenever I’m showing people this ring, I sort of give them the bird…lovesit ;)

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2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My Favorite Crate Projects ~~'

  1.'> 9:51 PM

    Love this and your work as always. We rocked Crate girl :D !!Glad to still be with you elsewhere.


  2.'> 7:26 AM

    I have loved seeing your work with Crate Paper! They were lucky to have you!


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