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~~ My Maya Road CHA samples ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oy! Just wanted to share my Maya Road CHA samples now that I got the greenlight to share them! Hooray! =)


First, there’s this accordion-mini which’s my favorite methinks, had great fun pondering and figuring out what to do and what to add to this one. And uhm, lemme tell you – it might look quick and easy and it sort of is, but all the filing and waiting for drying and small details and stuff made this take quite a while to complete still! There’s lots of photos for this one, so I figure I’ll just link the 2peas-gallery post and additionally, embed the galleryslideshowthingie here for the complete images..

The thought behind this? Well, A is for Arrows, B is for Bird, C is for Cup of Tea, D is for Dame, E is for Edible (the pumpkin :p) and F is for flower….I used mostly Pink Paislee, lots of the new stuff from Maya Road and quite a bit of paint, glitter, crackle glossy stuff and hm yeah…that’s it I think.


And then we have this, the wellies boots mini album, dressed up in Crate Paper and lots of Maya Road bits and pieces. 2peas-link here.


This canvas wallet is pretty awesome, but I had no good ideas as to what I’d do with mine I’ll admit. But – just look at Rondas – I’ll try that next time! :)


Lovelove the bejewelled button here…! And the houndstooth-flower!


Then they made us all like, make a canvas about ourselves. Or well, canvas w/pic of ourselves on it. I’m like, whaa…I hate the camera….but hey, look at me – I slapped 8 piccies of me on this one! Haaa! *wink*

Looks pretty easy uh? Well, I’ll tell you – I love these minialphas, they’re superb and perfectly sized for my use – but honestly? All this fiddling with the paint and spray and glitter and stuff and drying stuff? Makes it take oh so long time (sure sure I know – heating gun…well sure, but I’m also lazy – so I just do each word then let them dry while doin other stuff :p Nevertheless. Papers – various Pink Paislee-papers (I whitepainted the background, love the look!).

Some more closeshots:


Hmmm that’s it when it comes to my Maya Road stuff this CHA! Had like 4 or maybe 5 days to complete’em all so I’m happy with how these turned out that considered!

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My Maya Road CHA samples ~~'

  1. Aud R. Said,'> 8:17 PM

    Oioioi, så mye stilig det var her! De collagene var utrolig fancy! (Men jeg liker jo generelt alt du lager)


  2. Bente Said,'> 8:51 PM

    ÅÅÅååååååååå, så utrolig digg;) Du er SÅÅÅÅÅ best:)) Og masse heldig som får leke deg med alle de utrolig kule produktene:)))


  3. pattyo Said,'> 12:49 AM

    Wonderful projects. Love the wallet--perhaps it could be used as a case for a pocket camera.


  4.'> 8:29 AM

    Love this~


  5.'> 5:32 PM

    what is this attack in oslo ? you're not near there, right? your address said nothing oslo on it.. anyway, pls check in. email me, or whatever. i'll be waiting.


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