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~~ First Prima CHA Peek ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 03, 2011


I’ve been buried deep in my CHA-assignments when time has allowed – just today I’ve been misting, gessoing, sealing, painting, glossy accenting, crackleing – and watching all this dry and with my fingers in a permanent yucky dried adhesive-state. The final deadline is Tuesday though – so after that I’ll take a lil breather and uh, I dunno…clean up this mess maybe? :p Don’t get me wrong, I love this phase, love to create intensively…it’s truly fun….I just wish I had more time to do this properly! :)

Nevertheless, I see that Prima posted this image already, so I figured I could share it here too. I’m not allowed to share the closeups and opened image yet though, so…there’s lots more to come! :)



Edited to add: Ahh didn’t see they posted two of the images of this one, so here’s the other one =) You can find a tutorial on this book-box at my excellent fellow 3ndy-DT-member Wenche Stenshagen here :)

Jan Said,

8:08 PM

Great projects! Do you get to go to CHA or are just your projects going this year?

Ahh I wish I could go – it’d be intriguing methinks…but alas… nope, I’m not going, only my projects… :)


~Sasha Farina~ Said,

6:58 AM

just driving by to say i love you...

Nothing’s better than drive-thru-love! =)

Eli Said,

7:30 PM

Heldige de lærerene som har dine barn i klassen sin; vanker alltid like fine gaver :) Og hm....øl for pupp, eller pupp for øl (hvordan det nå var :P) - kjekt at dere to tuppene fikk mulighet til å gå ut bare dere to og kose dere på byen :) (og hva er dette med groupon i Oslo i forhold til Bergen egentlig? Myyye bedre der?!)

Oftere bedre tilbud synes jeg, men det kommer jo an på hva en er ute etter – for min del er jeg mest interessert i gode spise-ute-deals, og de er det mange av i Oslo! Selvfølgelig klarte jeg å gå glipp av matdealen som var her i Bergen nå nylig, sukk….


pattyo Said,

1:39 AM

I bet the recipients loved those gifts! Thanks for sharing your photos--it's nice you and your sister got to spend some alone time together.

Staci Taylor Said,

2:27 AM

Love the teacher gift and the wrapping (and the polish)!! what fun you had with your sis and nephew, can't believe you'd never been out on a girls date with her before ;-) Glad you had fun!

Indeed! I can’t believe that either, that’s pretty ridiculous! *hugs* glad to see you around :)

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  1. Anonymous Said,'> 5:16 PM

    oh my!!! this looks AWESOME!!! You are soooo creative!! i love your blog and you are such a cool person in person!! lol kisses from greece


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