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Just a couple of cards..

Posted by Ania On Sunday, August 14, 2011

Did you know that 3ndypapir now have a monthly challenge going on?

It just started – and Maya is asking for anything that says “thank you”. You can read more about the challenge here (it’s in both Norwegian and English, just scroll down).

Well, figured I’d join along as well…next month it’s my turn doing this challenge, and I have no idea what to come up with atm…any suggestions to what kind of challenge you’d like to see?


The base of the card is a Core’dinations whitewash cardstock (I’m thinking it might be one of the Jenni Bowlin ones? Not quite sure, as I only got half a pack of this one and the top/cover was gone heh). Love the concept, looks pretty here does it not? I used papers from the Sweetheart collection as well as the bingocards (with a Paper Smooches “thanks” stamped upon the top so it would fit this challenge). Love this gorgeous color and feel of the rose ribbon from Prima, as well as antennas made by the glitter twisters (very pretty but a bit too much loose glitter for my taste. I’d recommend the pastel bunch – lovely colors & quite versatile)


Just a closeup..


I also did a card for my recent Glue Arts-post.


It’s quite simple and once again I grabbed for Pink Paislee’s Sweetness-collection. Can’t get enough of that one, but the stock is dwindling sigh…so pretty…

Nevertheless….it’s a babycard (duh), hence the onesies from Hambly Screenprints (pretty..and remember, one sheet goes a long, long way when used like this, little bits here and there…).


Letters by Crate Paper, trinkets by Maya Road, and on the Glue Art-blog I also share my favorite trick with the UCutit-foam, check it out if you like :)



The latter images are fairly darkish and magentaish, aren’t they? I can’t recall whether they were edited before or after my old screen went bye-bye, but the first images (the 3ndypapir-card) were edited after, with the new temporary screen I am using….but the thing is…despite calibrating the screen I feel (plus the way I edit as well according to the temp screen) it’s different and I have no idea whether it’s good different or bad different …how does the colors and editing look to you?

I am planning to purchase a new screen sometime next week or the week after, I’m going for an Eizo-screen which I hope will help me be able to edit/display my photos in the most color-accurate environment sort of. I have photos from a babysession from yesterday which I had to put on hold because I got so unsure whether the colors and hues I saw on the screen were correct or not – plus there’s an upcoming weddingsession next weekend so I really need that new screen like, now! (I’ve had that Eizo-screen on my wishlist for a while now, just figured I’d wait until the timing/pricetag/size of wallet was right, instead I have to rush for that purchase now, bleh! :p).


pattyo Said,

1:12 AM

These are all so beautiful! We call the item where the water is poured on the baby's head the baptismal font. I have been a bit afraid to use a sewing machine on my cards/layouts. I'm afraid the needle will break!


Ahh thanks for the help re the correct word for the baptismal font!

And I get what you mean – but it will actually not break unless you’re reckless and try to force it through lots of layers (like 4 or 5 thick sheets at once) or chipboard. At least I’ve never had that happen to myself….and to be honest…with my old sewing machine (which was a dirt cheap one) I was too afraid to use it on fabric because I thought it would break it or something like that (it doesn’t make sense, I know haha). Nevertheless..if a project looks “meh” I usually try the sewing, it doesn’t always save the project, but usually helps slightly :p



I’m now well into my last month with the position as a journalist at the local newspaper. It’s been a whirlwind of happiness & work work work the last five-six months, and I truly hope I get to stay – but.. we’ll see. There’s many deserving to stay there too, as I’m not the only substitute at work. I guess I’ll just enjoy my last month and then..come what may…I’ll probably continue as a freelancer if I don’t get to continue, but hey, it’s not quite the same as actually get to work with amazing co-workers every day (freelancing is quite lonely work)…so just cross your fingers for me will ya? :p

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  1. pattyo Said,'> 1:21 AM

    Love these cards! I agree that machine stitching on cards does add an extra added touch. I'll just have to get up the courage to give it a go! lol Think positive regarding the job. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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