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~~ Wedding pictures <3 Part one~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unless I’m too mistaken, this’s my 9th wedding, but: My first deaf wedding! Whee!!

I’ve only edited five pictures from this wedding which took place last Saturday. Now I’m just going to weed & cull the gazillion images so they’re ready for editing when I get my new screen (I’m gonna get an EIZO! As soon as my model – probably a FlexScan S2243WF – arrives the store, that is..unless I actually give in and go for a S2433 which’s available, but it’s oh so expensive :( ). I’ve whined mentioned about my old screen going kaput on me, forcing me to steal borrow my daughters’ cheap & not too good screen. So – I’m not even sure if the colors and gamma I see on my current screen actually…actual… all I know is that despite attempts on calibrating it, I still notice significant changes in my editing routines..and I don’t think I’ve changed shooting style that much. Who knows, it might have been my old screen which wasn’t really properly calibrated, but…I’ll feel safer when I get my Eizo & start editing on it. Hopefully! ‘Nuff nerdtalk excuses chitchat.


Here’s the bride in the hairsaloon: it was pretty hot and humid – and the excitement didn’t help much, so she had to fan herself while getting dressed up…


I mentioned this was my first deaf wedding. Here’s the bride signing YES to the groom. I’m glad I got to capture that moment! (She said yes twice – first time her little finger were directly in front of the eyes…second time though, I got this picture. YAY! :) )

Now, a deaf wedding really is different to shoot. I felt like eavesdropping on their private conversations at the hairsaloon; when I work with hearing (couples) I’m used to be able to “shut out” most of their conversations if it’s not about/directed to me. Also – they’re busy looking at the priest sign – so, as far as I noticed – there were few stolen looks between them inside the church. Bummer. I’m used to get shots of the bride and groom look emotionally at each others during the sermon :p The same w/the speeches during the dinner – it was harder to get images w/them looking at each others and/or the speaker during the speeches, because most of their attention were (usually) directed to the interpreters or the ones who spoke w/sign language. All in all, amusing and interesting differences from past weddings methinks! (and yes ofcourse – disclaimer – all weddings are different and unique! =) )


We hadn’t really decided where to go after the church. On a whim I asked if they’d like to have some images with grafitti in the background. So, here we are =) (Sentralbadet i Bergen, for those knowing the area)


We also took a trip to the garden surrounding Bergen museum. You know me. Jump for me please! =)


Love the colors at this wall outside the little café Hanne på Høyden (love their food as well by the way, well worth a visit if you’re around the university-area! And they were so kind and allowed us to shoot indoors too, even bringing the couple free drinks! Thank you so much for your kindness!).


Now, as mentioned. I don’t think there’ll be any photosession pictures from me in two or three weeks yet – I need to make sure I have a screen I can trust. Sure, I did have an Eizo on my wishlist, just didn’t expect to have to buy it this early (or have my old screen break on me, boo :p).

But until then – enjoy these pictures…and there might be more when I get my screen, depending on permissions to share images or not from the other upcoming sessions!


Ps. Let me know if these images look too weird for you color/huewise. I appreciate any feedback on whether I actually see stuff right or not on my screen sorta!

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Wedding pictures <3 Part one~~'

  1. Mel Said,'> 11:23 PM

    No they look pretty funky to me. Looks like a really unique wedding.


  2. Eli Said,'> 7:08 AM

    Bildene ser supre ut her hos meg. Digger bakgrunnene og de sterke fargene, og at du klarte å fange det ja`et. Vakkert <3 Godt jobbet! Klem, E


  3. Sylvia Said,'> 12:12 PM

    Sååå nydelige bilder:-))


  4. Nora Said,'> 11:40 PM

    Kjempefine bilder! De ser fine ut for meg, men kanskje litt mere kontrast og saturation enn du pleier å ha? Det passet disse bildene supert da, så kanskje det var med vilje, hva vet jeg, jeg ser dårlig og har en billig skjerm selv :P


  5. pattyo Said,'> 12:46 AM

    I think the photos and the colors are beautiful!


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