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~~ My CHA-S Prima projects, part 2 ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, August 12, 2011


This is my favorite layout of all the ones I made. The lovely Romantique-collection is simply perfect for such baby-layouts methinks! So cute, so darling…and yes, the colors might be bordering on feminine, but it’s ok when it’s a baby uh? Besides, I tried to balance it some by using blue hearts, the blue star burst-vine and some splotches of peacock-mist.


I think this sentiment fit so well with the photo..


And look at that banner =) I hope the curviness made it okay through the shipping to the CHA-booth…:p And again – the canvas-letters are the perfect size for my typical use! Loves!


Oh and did I mention? I have a new sewing machine! Hooray! One+ month without was the longest I could take…when learning I was to create stuff for CHA I was like…mmkay…this means..I truly need a sewing machine! So, say hello to Husquarna Viking H/Class! No idea what it means, but it looks sturdy, sews well and even have a little lamp – yay! I’m using an extra thick sewing thread atm and it causes some hiccups every now and then, but so far nothing serious…is there any tip for using extra thick sewing thread by the way? It’s like..demin-thread or something like that…should I ask the store for a larger sewing needle mayhaps?


Love this star vine by the way. Hated to have to use it, but hey, it’s a layout about my nephew, surely he’s worthy of this lovely vine…


Here’s the book I created using the Alla-Prima collection. It was fun creating it, and I can see myself doing this more for special occasions. Love the metal trinket, the resins, the flower vine and oh, if you look closer to the corner: the flocked rub-ons – love the feel and look of it!



Even more resins inside..


I can picture wrapped candies, money, smaller gifts to be hidden inside for the larger occasions in life…but for now  – a papyrus with a “thank you” sentiment…


I’ve mentioned my love for minicanvases lots of times, here’s one of my absolute faves..created using flocked rub-ons and chipboards from the North Country-collection, Jazz Blue glimmer-mist, gems and buttons.


Oh and a flower too, sprayed w/gold glimmer mist =)


Oh and did I mention the buttons were covered with distress crackle paint? Love the extra weary look it gets :)


I made this one after I had sent off my CHA box, thus it didn’t end up in the booth. It’s made using the Printery-collection, while the text-strip is from the Pixie Glen-collection.


Hm. It just turned this way. Don’t ask :p


Notice however that this resin-birdbath got painted in the same colors as the waterfont (?) in the pictures (hmm..what’s the English name of the birtbath-thingie used when a child is baptised by affusion?)


Look! Mistable canvas-pieces! With crystal-hearts in between =)


Did I mention how much I love finally having a sewing machine? =)



That’s it :)

Oh btw, I’m presented at the Prima blog today. Here’s the link :)

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My CHA-S Prima projects, part 2 ~~'

  1.'> 4:31 PM

    Først av alt - gratulerer så mye som DT for Prima!!! For en ære!
    Når det er sagt, så er jeg ikke det spor overrasket over at du havnet på dette teamet. Du lager de mest fantastiske kreasjoner! Har i grunnen fulgt deg " i det stille", men nå er det slutt på det 'lol'

    Elsket "dåpen", så fantastisk lekker med døpefonten og all sømmen!

    Ha en flott helg!


  2. pattyo Said,'> 1:12 AM

    These are all so beautiful! We call the item where the water is poured on the baby's head the baptismal font. I have been a bit afraid to use a sewing machine on my cards/layouts. I'm afraid the needle will break!


  3.'> 8:18 AM

    These are amazing!! I love Prima's alphabet stickers so much. Among other things I will be adding them to my next order!


  4. Wati Basri Said,'> 11:23 PM

    Love love how you play with. prima...awesome :)


  5. Linda64 Said,'> 8:55 AM

    Lekre kreasjoner og kan godt forstå at du er glad for å ha fått deg ny symaskin. Stilig med tykkere tråd på sømmen. Digger alt de som skjer nede og utav fuglebadet....
    Ønsker deg en flott søndag


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