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~~ My CHA-S Prima-projects, part one ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 02, 2011


So, CHA-S ended a while ago, which’s about time to share what I did with the new Prima-stuff, no? :) I’ll admit, to create stuff for Prima feels a bit overwhelming because there’s so many talented gals on the team who’s like, really “prima”…so good at using especially the flowers and multitudes of embellishments from Prima, while I…well, I’m usually more sparse when it comes to using embellishments on my pages methinks. I’m not a C&S scrapper, but hmm.,..somewhere in the middle maybe? Anyways…the photos I used for my projects were photos from my trip to my family last Spring, which’s been sitting on the desk waiting for an opportunity to be scrapped…yay! Here’s my grandmother trying to copy the “trick” my daughter is trying to learn heartwarming and funny to watch in real life..I used the Pixie Glen-collection for this one.


Oh and look, the white felt leaves are one of my favorites! So lovely and versatile..and notice the new twisters? Just curl it around your knitting pin or whatever thin and round thing you have at hand, and you’ll get extra “stems”/decorations :)


This powder puff flower was one of my favorites too, and I think it fit well with this bird on top of it..


Oh, and seen Ingvild Bolme’s resinpieces? Lovely stuff! I think I prefer it raw-looking like this, but you can also paint and ink and spray’em…


Another layout from the same visit to my grandma, this time made with the Printery-collection.


My mom and grandma..:) And look, more white felt-leaves, another (raw) resinfigurine and also one of the Antique Mirror-pieces (the clock).


Love these blocked letters!


And I adore the new gems from Prima, they’re doing a huge range of circles and hearts in various looks..


I also did another of these star-shaped cards for their booth – a very simple one using the North Country-collection, the awesome & handy-sized canvasletters, the blank gems and some gesso for the edges.


It’s a beautiful paperline..a bit folk-y in feel hm?


I didn’t decorate it much. One, because I still am not sure how to decorate such cards, and two, because I think it looks “enough” by its own hm?


I’ll share the last batch (which’s also my faves mehtinks) next week! :)

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6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My CHA-S Prima-projects, part one ~~'

  1. Jonna Said,'> 10:17 PM

    Fantastisk lekre Prima-kreasjoner! Med mange kule og inspirerende detaljer.


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 11:53 PM

    lekkert lekkert lekkert!!


  3. Staci Taylor Said,'> 3:16 AM

    totally and completely gorgeous, ania!! all of it!


  4. Cornelia Said,'> 6:29 AM

    Vilka fantastiska LO-er och fina kort du gör!!!!


  5. Elisabeth Said,'> 3:44 PM

    Alltid koselig å tusle innom bloggen din og se de lekre kreasjonene du lager! det ene overgår det andre, og det er som sagt en fryd for øyet! takk for titten


  6. pattyo Said,'> 12:34 AM

    Beautiful layouts and card!


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