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~~ 3ndy news and a challenge! ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, September 03, 2011


Every month we have a challenge going on over at 3ndypapir, and I’m the one responsible for the September-challenge. It’s 1. Use scraps (I have a long winded explanation as to why on the 3ndyblog – but basically – it’s because I need to purge stuff for the good news, see below :p), and 2. Use at least an old embellishment while you’re at it (mine: the übercool Hambly-rubons).


The prize? Well, it’s brand new papers from 3ndypapir. Yep, that’s right – Gudrun is soon coming out with new collections for 3ndypapir. Check out the peek for the first one, “Blue Sky”:

Such lovely, fun colors, eh? I’m certainly looking forward to this one! You’ll find the full images of every paper in this line in this post.



So. Scraps. I’m too good for my own good at keeping them *sigh*. Hence – thick, hard-to-close-folders loaded with scraps. Also, I’m good at cutting up things then realizing – uhm, I think I changed my mind. A bad trait, I know..Nevertheless…all the different 3ndypapir-lines sort of goes well together here, don’t you think? :)


And old embellishments – I’m trying to remember to use my rubons, as they’re the first to actually “go bad”….all the other stuff can be reglued sorta. Nevetheless. Love the Hambly-rubons and the cute & cool designs :)

Right, what are you waiting for? Have a tiny, little 3ndypapir-scrap lying around begging to be used? Well, GO ON THEN! ;)

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ 3ndy news and a challenge! ~~'

  1. Maya Said,'> 11:28 AM

    Utrolig kul LO!


  2.'> 1:30 PM

    Fabulous....ahhhh :)
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Lula Said,'> 9:40 AM

    Alt du tar i blir kult! Digger de gamle robotene;)Likte så godt fargen på misteklattene dine!


  4. Titelaine Said,'> 9:52 AM

    Your layout is SO funny!


  5. Vibeke Said,'> 9:11 PM

    Du har verdens kuleste stil - din helt egen!! Jeg digger rått!!:)


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