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~~ Couple cards.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, September 12, 2011
Geez, I’m so pretty dense. What's the point of doing a bunch of blogpost-drafts when you actually forget to *schedule* them? *cough* Right. Couple cards coming up! =)
Over at the Glue Arts blog we have (ok, had) a Pinterest-week. We were to draw inspiration from images posted to Pinterest, and create something of our own. Well, I loved these Pebbles Inc -papers so much that I decided to create a card when I saw this image:

Here’s a closeup of the card – created with stamps from Paper Smooches, skypunch from Fiskars and ofcourse, adhesive from Glue Arts. You can find the Glue Arts-post here.
The Prima BAP and PPP post is up (that’s – Build-A-Page and Prima-Product-Pick which’s actually a Palette aswell so it should actually be PPPP.. but I digress..)
Here’s my card for the BAP one..
And while I’m sharing cards, here’s one I did a few weeks ago but never got around to share (hmm, see a trend? Naa…no comments on age and dementia, please :p)…
The coworkers needed a babycard, so I dug into the Fancy Pants Designs papers of mine, found these then a really, really old rub-on from Jenni Bowlin (the bird – impressive how well it still was after so long)..the chipboardframe is from Crate paper, the button from American Crafts, small flowers from Kort & Godt, tulle and some hidden strips of die cut from Doodlebug….
And ofcourse, Hambly onesie-transparency..can’t create a babycard without these now, can I? :)
Sparkly gem from prima by the way..

Right. If you have any 3ndypapir-papers in your stash, head over here for *my* (flex! ;)) challenge for a chance to win brand new 3ndypapers! Good luck!

And for the Norwegians dropping by today: Godt valg!
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Couple cards.. ~~'

  1. Heihei! Said,'> 8:24 PM

    Digger skykortet!! Og føler trang til å eie det sentiments-stempelsettet! :o)


  2. pattyo Said,'> 1:24 AM

    Love all these cards! Each one is so different and beautiful!


  3. Lene S Said,'> 8:14 AM

    Skykortet er så stilig!. Det kan nok hende det liftes ;)


  4. T:o)ve Said,'> 8:16 AM

    Digger VW i knallfarger!!!!
    Herlige kort også, men jeg blir like happy hver gang jeg ser fronten på disse boblebussene! LOVE!
    Ha en videre kreativ uke!


  5. kamagra Said,'> 9:56 PM

    Thank you so much! I made mine a little simpler, but I really love it!


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