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~~ Chalkboard Paint Fun! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You can find this post over at the Maya Road blog aswell! :)



Alright, I guess I might be late to the party - I read lots of DIY-projects involving chalkboard paint like, a year ago or more - but only recently actually got to play with it myself. But my oh my - what great fun you can have with just a little chalkboard paint! Truly!

C1444 - Pennant Chipboard Album

For this project, I used the Pennant Chipboard Album.

Here's the instructions, although it's fairly easy to do so you shouldn't really need instructions =)

1. Find the clean edged chipboard and apply chalkboard paint on it as per its instructions (the paint, that is. I have no idea if all chalkboard paint acts the same :) ). For mine I tested it both with and without gessoing the chipboard. I think I actually prefer to do this without gessoing the chipboard - without it took me two layers of chalkboard paint, with gesso I needed three layers for a proper coverage.

2. Find the scalloped chipboard and either spray or paint it. The front chalkboard was covered in orange acrylic paint, the back chalkboard was covered in Maya Mist (one layer of Bublegum Metallic Mist then topped off with Dragon Fruit Pink Mist). Note: I adhered the chalkboard layer upon the scalloped chipboard, hence didn't need to paint/mist all of the chipboard, only the scalloped part.

3. Find some ribbon (here: Candy Striped Ribbon) or twine to decorate the top of the chalkboard. Optional: I wanted to decorate the twine some by adding small, cute trinkets to it: Wooden Mini Spools and Trinket Beads: Hearts and Butterflies.


4: I decided to attach the chalk pen to the chalkboard. This by securing the twine to a wooden button before hot gluing the chalk pen to the button.Tip: Depending on whether your kid is right or left handed - make sure the twine is on the "right" side for your kid.

There you have it - an easy peasy chalkboard project your kid will love! Mine sure did (aged 6 and 10)! And - it really didn't take that long to assemble - like 90% of the effort was spent waiting for paint&mist to dry.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-inspiration project and is now tempted to try it yourself. Remember - just because it says it's a mini album doesn't mean it have to be used for that, you know! :)

Have a lovely week!


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2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Chalkboard Paint Fun! ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 8:05 AM

    Sånn maling er kjempegøyal; uten tvil! - og prosjektet ditt ble knallflott :) (og Amalie like søt som alltid) Klem, E


  2. pattyo Said,'> 12:30 AM

    Awesome use of chipboard! This is adorable!


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