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~~ … meanwhile ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 03, 2012


Leaving for party/travel/celebrations shortly, note to self; need to be better at scheduling things for the blog. Leaving the blog empty too long just makes me feel sad, even if you probably don’t notice that :p Nevertheless, here’s two quick & elegant cards in the meantime….will be back soon w/tutorial/inspirationthingie and more of my CHA-creations now that CHA is over!

Card: Base – Scenic Route, bazzill cardstock, tulle, prima flower, glitter splotches (read a nice and easy tutorial on it once inspired by hmm I’m pretty sure it was Ania-Maria – mix glitter w/liquid glue – I used the gold glitter by Maya Road mixed w/diamond glaze and added some pumps of gold glimmer mist…nifty trick, will use more often!), stamp by Craft Origine and the ribbon is one that I’ve had around like forever but can’t recall where’s from.


Another one, pretty much the same stuff/manufs used on this one like on the last card. I like the trend w/messy threads, personally I think it looks cute. Have no idea what people not into scrapbooking/cardmaking might think. Maybe they’ll look at it and think “gosh how silly, is that intentional??”? Shrug. I dunno. Still think it looks cool!


Right. Gotta jet.


OH PS! Know how to get rid of the annoying spots that remains behind when embossing stuff? And which gets embossed along with what you’re supposed to emboss? Dunno if you understand what I mean right now, but if you do and know the solution, please share….:/ I’ll add a closeup of the problem next time, but if you look closer you’ll know what I mean..the small black spots around the embossed imprint!

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ … meanwhile ~~'

  1.'> 8:33 AM

    i love the messy threads too ^_^


  2. marie Said,'> 12:33 AM

    Sooooo lovely.


  3. Alienka Said,'> 5:02 PM

    Beautiful cards!
    As to spots you should buy antistatic pad. It looks like this:
    You should stroke the paper with pad before stamping - it will prevent powder to stick.
    (sorry if my English not good enough)


  4. Leena Said,'> 4:20 PM

    These cards are gorgeous! Love the simplicity and white space!


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