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~~ Tutorial: Love tag ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 12, 2012


I love challenges. I truly do.
But sometimes the challenges are ridiculous. Like the Maya Road one where we were only allowed to use seven – 7 – various MR products. Yes. Seven only.
Initially you may think: Oh, seven products. To create one tag? Easy peasy, that’s almost a bit too many products. I know I did when the challenge was presented to us. I mean, you’re supposed to do just a little tag, no? But do not be fooled. It’s such a limitation and I had to be tough and drop a LOT of stuff. No fair! SIGH!

This is what I did:


I gathered a number of MR-products I thought would fit this challenge. We could use a few freebies, like ONE sheet of patterned paper (only one though!), staples, punches – basic tools mostly and hardly any extra product.


After much back and forth & lots of pain and stuff I ended up with these items:

Popsicle Blue Maya Mist
Butterfly Canvas Set
Scallop Frames Chipboard Set
Love Words Mini Chipboard Set
Kraft Shipping Tags
Timeless Memories Stamp
Just My Type Stamp Sheet

Additionally I used a sheet of paper from Crate Paper, Mod Podge, white and turquoise embossing powder, tulle, staples and white gesso. I *so* wanted to use at least two or three more products, but sigh. A challenge is a challenge I guess!


I so love this technique after seeing Ronda Palazzari demonstrate it for uh, CK or something like that a while ago. Currently I’m using archival ink – jet black – it’s moist enough for this purpose. StazOn, which’s my to-go-permanent-stamp-pad, doesn’t work well for this purpose…at least not the pads I have, maybe it’s too old (like, dried too much??) Dunno. Nevertheless. I’m impressed w/how precise and fine prints you can get even on a surface like canvas. Then again. I’m easily impressed =) Right.


The kids found this Tim Holtz hammer the other day. “Mom, that’s a weird-looking hammer”. Figured I should use it,haven’t used it too much since I bought it. Typical. Not sure why I bought it in the first place either, but hey. Yields fun textures when you remember you have such a tool =).


Right. Dilute the mist w/ a little bit of water and paint the color on stuff. Vary the intensity of the color w/mist & water.


Staple the tulle to the embossed tag, attach stuff, curse that you can’t use more than 7 MR products ‘cause a pin or a ribbon would be awesome to add to the butterfly…


Then figure out an alternative way to have something in the middle of the cutting a triangle of paper,


…add mod podge and roll it into a paper bead and let dry…


Before attaching it to the tag. Once again; a pin would be perfect to have inside the paper bead, sticking out from it, but ahwell. Consider the challenge met!


Right! you should check out how the other designers solved this challenge…the Maya Road Challenge PDF can be found here….they’re also giving away a prize pack, just scroll all the way down the PDF to learn how to enter…



Ps! It’s Mothers Day in Norway today. Happy Mothers Day!

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  1.'> 12:54 AM

    So cute! Happy Mother's Day!


  2. Lisa Leavitt Said,'> 2:50 PM

    Very darling tag! nice work.


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