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~~ The winds of your ego ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Y’know, after I saw Rondas tutorial on stamping & misting on canvas on hm, the CK blog I think it was, I realized that hey, that doesn’t look like it’s too hard…and it really isn’t…sometimes it just takes someone to show you that indeed it’s fun and easy and the next thing you know you’re doing it like, all the time!


And may I just say I adore adore adore the mini organiza roses?? I love the ones in olive that I have stashed here, and look forward to get my hands on more white ones so I can mist and paint and ink them in any color I want!


I’ve long wanted to make small minis with fragments of lyrics I love (actually I’ve done it once before I think). Well, either minis, or minicanvases. The lyrics in this mini is taken from Maria Menas “This too shall pass” (link goes to the YT-vid. Lovelovelove this song. Obvs). Psst. The yellow sun is actually the same mist used on the background. It’s just watered down & painted on white background. Pretty eh?canvasmini5

I found some old old Tattered Angels masks and used various Maya Mists to create my own canvas-backgrounds. I wish I painted the whole wooden bird here, and not just partial by the way. Ahwell.


These kraft owls from Maya Road. LOVES! (oh yeah…pretty much all the stuff seen here are from Maya Road..made this mini for their CHA-W booth)


And look at that cute lil bunny! :D


Really like the wooden birds. Especially when you can paint it white (or just whitewash with watered out white paint) then add mists as if you were painting.



Go on. Listen to the song. It’s beautiful.


Psst. Speaking of Maya Road, there’s a virtual warehouse sale atm. Purchase boxes w/more than 128$  for 42.95$ only – with shipping at 3$ for US residents (Like 20$ for Canadians and 35$ for internationals). Sounds silly, eh? :) Check out this link for more information.

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The winds of your ego ~~'

  1. Yasmin Said,'> 10:29 AM

    Kjempe søtt mini album!! Digget forsiden din og bruken av blomstebånde på siden av mini'n.. Lekkert!:)


  2. Trude Julie Said,'> 1:51 PM

    Så kult! Tror jammen jeg skal kopiere deg med tid og stunder og lage et album med mine favorittstrofer :)


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 7:41 PM

    every time with you on the blog I want to scream I love it


  4.'> 11:56 PM

    Herlig minialbum :)
    Falt spesielt for de minirosene <3
    Og ikke minst dompapen :)


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