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~~ Catch up! + a Maya Road Vintage Memory Box ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Back from the vacation – a lovely little sort of road trip around Provence (the images above are from the lake Sainte Croix..loved renting a canoe one evening, and a little pedal boat the next day). Have lots and lots to catch up, and am trying to do everything at once! Which usually results in nothing really being done, but whatevs!
  • I’m trying to clean up the living room (it’s a mess…or to be more precise, am trying to reorganize the shelves in the living room…which’s a mess…we’ll see how far I get!).
  • Reorganize my scraproom (ok, haha, that’s so not true…sigh...just trying to….sigh….declutter and destash some…hopefully!!).
  • Edit my photos (next time I go “hey, I’ll bring the camera to the vacation – please please hit me in the head with something really, really hard…and say….NO! Came back home w/1808 pics on the DSLR and 689 pics on the iPhone! I, swearing is not nice and all, but seriously, this is like, an oh fuck me-situation…I just spent 2 1/2 hours culling the DSLR pics down to 950ish, and that was just the crude culling :/).
  • Trying to fix my nails (note to self: when going on a 2 week vacation – no, having meticulously prepared & polished your nails in advance does NOT mean you can leave your polishes at home. Either drop the nailpolish alltogether, or live with chipped nailpolish after the 5th day).
  • Trying to catch up w/the CHA news, pinning away in between the mini-pc-breaks (here’s my CHA-S 2012 board).
  • And while all the time..I just really really wanna scrapbook…..but….feel like I need to do my other self imposed chores first! :/ At least point one, two and three!
  • And to add to all this…I only have four more vacation days before it’s time to return to work.
Not gonna bother you with all my woes!
Here’s one of the things I made for Maya Road for their CHA booth! *LOVE* this new minialbum! A 3” Vintage Memory Box with Coaster Album inside!! :D (Want the full Maya Road CHA-S 2012 catalog? Click here :p)

It’s so fun when you can top the lid of the box w/small trinkets and bits…
A closer look on the top…see the large star pin? It’s a HUGE favorite, and this summer MR are adding yellow stars in that size! Me needs! Also – notice the glitterfied hexagon-chipboard used as a base here? *loves* :) I hope the rabbit made it to CHA…wasn’t sure how to attach it (ran outta fabri-tac!), so I opted for hot glue methinks…
Inside – simple B&W photos of Amalie, fastened w/the various metal hangers….oh, and I used my fave papers from Pebbles Inc for this one :D
On the back I added mini tags w/the things she loves atm… love the combo white splashes & kraft!!
Used various Twine Cordings for these coasters…twine cordings are like, regular cord? Just in the cute twine colors =)
And I must say..I adore the vintage butterfly stamps! so so pretty and versatile!
And the combo of chipboard covered with maya mist and topped w/glossy accent? No-fail!
Hope you liked this box…truly loved putting it together!
Will share more shortly I hope :)

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Catch up! + a Maya Road Vintage Memory Box ~~'

  1. Evelin Said,'> 9:24 PM

    I love it.. it's gorgeous :) and lol, I totally understand your nail polish woe... that's why for the last holiday, I opted for just a coat of clear polish.. that way, when it's chipped, it's not so obvious.. LOL... cos I knew I had no time to apply and wait for them to dry during the trip :P


  2. celou Said,'> 7:19 AM

    Bonjour Aniia, your box is so lovely. Thanks for sharing your Provence pictures because nearby Paris we are already in falls weather ;p


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