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~~Maya Road CHA-S, part 2 - Mini Albums ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So. Embrace yourself for yet another CHA-blogpost w/lots of photos. Part 1 can be found here, and the first minialbum can be found here.

I created three minialbums for CHA, although only one can be said to be a “traditional” minialbum… the 3” Vintage Memory Box (see link above) are so fun to create, and doesn’t really feel like a real minialbum…it just…. and as for the chipboard flag banner book, I opted to create each banner like an individually page sort of, like a hanging thingie…but not really like a banner… like this:

I started making this blue one first, covering it with LilyBee papers and then various wooden items – some painted, some crackled, some misted…


I really like how the paint and mists are reacting differently w/the wood, depending on whether it was prepared w/gesso in advance or not..


I especially love the scroll detail – when I shipped it off to CHA I packed a wad of papers under the paper-strip so it wouldn’t break during shipping…I thought it was obvious, but I actually saw a photo from the Maya Road CHA booth showing they didn’t remove the protective paper, haha… cough…

Nevertheless..when creating this one, I looked at the three other flags and thought..why not just continue w/the theme specific stuff..…


So I made a green one, this time w/papers from American Crafts..showcasing the Kraft and trinket pin embellishments.


I love how you can mix the mini Kraft ticket, the larger one and the transparent one…. and I love love using pins!


Especially the larger one to the right! My fave! Crystal Star!


Now, if you’ve noticed the ribbons used…there’s four new ones…1/4 “ double stitched velvet I figured ok, I’ll move on to pink. This time I returned to LilyBee and found a pink sheet from there.. I wasn’t quite sure what to “showcase” for this one though, so I just found some ribbons and a large bottle cap and then just created this one.


See..used my fave trinket pin again….and the middle vintage trinket? Love it!


Had to add this ‘lil cherry too….love it….it’s so cute! Oh and I adore the Iridescent glitter…..have already used half the bottle..need.more!


I sort of like how the small organza roses trim fit the width of the tin perfectly…here in sand..


Finally..the white one….this time/w American Crafts paper & w/glitter and chipboard as theme…oh and mist too I guess! Did I mention that I love the iridescent glitter?? Showcases the mistcolors in such a pretty way! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…:


Right. Still hanging with me?

Cause here’s the third minialbum…a real mini too…


Using the picket fence album…had fun adding crackle paint to the front gate and then adding chipboardstuff…you get a sheet of the chipboard embellishments used on this gate included in this minialbum…


Then washi tape, white embossed stamping and shiney shiney glossed up letters…the papers used throughout this album is American Crafts’ Dear Lizzy – Neapolitan.


See? Shiiinyyy!


Hmm. There’s so many pages in this book…or rather, I sort of took a lot of photos I guess…I’ll share a few here, and if you’re interested, you can find all the images here on TwoPeas.

Oh by the way..see?? YELLOW STAR PIN!! Like the crystal one I love!! *loves*picketfence7


Right. Long post. Once again. if you wanna see all the pages..the whole album…feel free to check this out :)


Ciao..will share the last installment from CHA tomorrow – the layouts :)

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