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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


Haha. I dunno if this is tragic or great.

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed putting together a layout, using stuff (mis)placed on my desk only (including the immediate shelves above the desk). I sort of thought…if I am cleaning up/organizing…then actually using the stuff on a project would surely help towards this goal? Sure – but at this rate it’ll take YEARS. Anyways! The result is this:


As I mentioned in my last post…I *sort of* am trying to clean up my room & desk. Except. I don’t really think it’s going too well….I am too attached to stuff, too “oh but if I keep it there I’ll surely use it sooner or later” and well..I have no idea where else to put stuff at other on my table or nearby…because unless I need that particular item for an assignment, it simply won’t get used if it’s out of sight…..then again…it makes for an embarrassing mess, as seen below:


(not much different from all the other pictures I’ve shared of my desk earlier, is it? Maybe just a little more organized as I did try to clean up all the loose small embellishments onto boxes and stuff…but haha, you can’t really tell from the picture)

Dang. Here I go with my woes again. Sorry.

NEVER.THE.LESS! The picture pulled was one I’ve printed out a while ago then decided against using at that time (happens all the time – resulting is lots of odd pictures here and there everywhere)…but! ScrappeHuset has a challenge about scrapping w/sun/summer as a theme, suggesting that people could use their older summer pictures….and well, the picture on the layout hails all the way from June 2010, so why not =)

Allow me to walk you down the memory lane…(warning…scrap nerd talk incoming):


All the paperscraps come from recent (and not-so-recent) projects. American Crafts, Crate Paper, Prima… I think I’ve gathered most of the loose ones on my desk onto a little pile on a chair right behind mine, so I can flip through. Great system eh? (cough..until we need the chair somewhere else, or the others decide the chair is taking too much space in the room…which’s a shared pc/scrapbookroom used by all 4 of us…). The blue spots are one of my fave mists, chalkboard mist in peacock. Am halfway down the bottle! Add some KaiserCraft gems, orange glazed brads from I have no idea who…Fancy Pants Designs maybe….chipboard-butterfly from Sassafras…awesome letters from Basic Grey…love this font…oh and sequins! Bronze flower sequins! I think I got these from Trude Julie, or Mari ….I can’t really recall who….also got some cool yellow ones at that time, but can’t find them now :(


And LOOK! White Basic Grey rub-ons (see right under the badge)….I *loved* these long, elaborate, elegant swirls…this one was the last one in the packet, which’s surely close to four years old…sitting in one of my boxes on the desk being saved for the “perfect” project…..still rubbed nicely off!

And above the American Crafts flair button – a Heidi Swapp ghost heart!!! (boy do I sound scrap-nerdy now!??). Love her new lines…but revisiting the old prod she did put out a lot of great stuff in the old days, with Advantus (ok, maybe not the rubons, the design rocked but was impossible to rub off!)! And the blue dotted paper behind the picture? It’s actually a note/business card from Craft Origine…I just loved the pattern on the back and had to use it.


Moving on higher….doily stamp from Craft Origine..from their recent new release…stamped with weathered wood distress ink actually, I don’t think I’ve actually used it since I purchased it heavens know how long ago. Am loving the color, so note to self: use it more! A Pink Paislee sticker I saved for so long…figured it might as well end up on this layout too… felt embellishment from Fancy Pants …you know the huge 12x12” sheets of lovely felt embellishments? Have too many of them, can’t separate myself from them though cause…felt is cute! This one (and a butterfly) fell off once I was gonna use the primary ones, and was left on a disk on my desk for three years at least…cough. Orange dotted transparency from Hambly Screenprints… butterflystamps from Craft Origine, the stamp to the right as well (shabby shutters distress ink which’s embossed w/clear embossing powder for the butterflies, plain broken china distress ink for the text one). New cording twine from Maya Road, wooden button from American Crafts (Dear her stuff!), yellow photo-clip which I found a whole box of at work once, from the pre-digital-times :D)…adorned with a gem….vintage hanger from Maya Road….


Hmhmhm….more Hambly transparencies (a frame I cut in half once…thinking I’d use the other half sometime soon :p). Oh, and another Craft Origine stamp – again w/weathered the silver grey color!)



And haha! June 2010 tag from Elle’s Studio! Perfect, cause the image’s from June 2010 =) Paperstrip from prima, the black clock as well (I cut it out once then decided against using – didn’t want to throw away tho)…tags from Maya Road and Pink Paislee….Sassafras butterfly….heart decorated w/hambly paper….


That’s it!

Looking throw what I’ve written now I realize three things: I have a problem throwing away scraps and bits and stuff (d’oh). I have a problem w/organizing when it comes to the little things (big things too actually…cough..and doh!). I might be a little bit nerdy when I get to talk about scrappy stuff, especially the good old stuff from way back..…


Oh, and that I really miss mixing stuff again (for DT stuff, some manufs require you to use their prod only, others allow you to go like 60% or 75% or whatever of their products…so to just keep it safe w/the various requirements and guidelines – plus out of respect, since you’re after all supposed to showcase their stuff – I’ve just stuck to one manuf whenever I could…then it just became a habit over the years).


Ha. Fun. Now. Back to trying to clean up. Organize. Fooling myself into thinking I can do this. Whatevs.


7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Having fun with scraps on my desk (and being nerdy about scrapbooking)… ~~'

  1. Ida / Little Said,'> 11:04 PM

    Fantastisk!! :) Jeg elsker det kreative rotet ditt og at du lagde det nydelig her med det. Har sansen for b&w bildene med så mye fargepynt også! :) Takk for at du ble med på utfordringen vår!

    Klem Ida


  2. Evelin Said,'> 11:17 PM

    I L-O-V-E your layouts :) Have been visiting for a while but always silently :) so, now I decided to break the silence and say, Hi! :D


  3.'> 2:12 AM

    Oh! It's so pleasant to read that I am not the only one like this! Just the same picture of my desk and explanation - exact words "it simply won’t get used if it’s out of sight…"!!!
    And I dont know what to do with it also(((
    I can make some order (with great strain)) but as soon as I start create something - it's ending up with great mess!!)
    Page you created is awesome!


  4. *marion* Said,'> 9:20 PM

    Så herlig rot da =)
    Nydelig side elsker detaljene dine , takk for at du er med =)


  5. Torill Said,'> 2:51 PM

    Jeg digger oppsettet ditt på denne LOen! Og å rydde plassen sin, er en utfordring det - men med slike skatter på pulten sin blir det jo bare flotte LOer av det!
    Lykke til med sorteringen og systematiseringen - og tusen takk for at du ble med på leken i solveggen hos oss i ScrappeHuset:0)


  6. Vibeke Said,'> 9:28 PM

    Du har litt å henge fingrene i på den pulten ja - skulle gjerne ha hjulpet deg litt med det - for der ser det ut til å være mye snadder:):)
    EN virkelig flott layout!! Annerledes og spennende oppsett:):)


  7. Linda Brun Said,'> 11:59 AM

    En herlig layout med mange flotte detaljer , er nok ikke ferdig med å se på den enda.
    Tusen takk for fantastisk lesing.
    Ønsker deg en fin helg!


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