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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wee...look at my new white & delicate blog!! *giggle* Hope you like it....felt like being more cheery-cheery and all :P And I just LOVE this layout showcasing how ADORABLE the relationship between Adrian & Amalie is. Feel free to check it out in a larger scale (click on the layout). Especially the supercute large picture of them giggling at each others at the airport. *melt* Love how easygoing the relationship between these two has been so far - no doubt that Adrian just adore Amalie, and that Amalie thinks Adrian is her biggest Idol :)

Tomorrow is gonna be the Big Clean-Up-Day, cause mom & sis & stephdad & my two cute nieces are coming over and all - staying for a week. It'll be nice :) Just need to figure out what exactly to do while they're here..hmm...feel free to spill the beans if you got any tips :)

Just wonder if I'll do without scrapping for a week - I'll have to clean the big table in the living-room, which most likely means no least not whenever I feel like :( Bet sis wanna scrap some with me, :)

AND!!! I'm a newfound BG lover!! Can't believe why I avoided BG for so long -- just TOTALLY love the papers now. At least it inspired me to make a super-quick layout when I originally was going to fun! :) :) (tonights LO was my second BG-LO ever :P The below LO was the first one, haha..not sure I like this, I mean, the setup is very nice, but the letters spelling "sverrehusken" & the chains? Hmmm...not sure if they complement the LO or ruins it...)

Imorgen blir den store ryddedagen - mamma, lillesøs +++ kommer over og blir i en uke.....noe som betyr at langbordet i stua må ryddes :( Jaja.....håper jeg får scrappet litt iallefall - er helt sikker på at søs vil scrappe litt med meg =)

Trenger forøvrig forslag til hva en kan finne på iå tur på Askøy......tudelidu...hva mer? :/

Forresten!! Er blitt nyfrelst BG elsker! Tror jeg iallefall - nettopp laget meg min andre BG LO i hele mitt liv --- og digger arkene! Wow!! Skjønner ikke hvorfor jeg hadde sånn BG sperrekombinertskrekk for så lenge - uten å egentlig PRØVE liksom.....YAY! JOY! :D

LO'en her var min aller første BG LO -- veldig fornøyd med den sånn bortsett fra halskjedelenkene og "sverrehusken"-tittelen - ikke helt sikker på hva jeg synes om de to siste, menmen....:)

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  1.'> 10:26 AM

    Utrolig flotte layouter, liker den med BG arkene veldig godt. Syns den var kjemetøft hvordan du har har forlenget snorene i husken, og samtidlig montert tittelen. Helt herlig.
    Nå som du har overvunnet BG sperren, så kan jeg vel glede meg til å se mange BG layouter fra deg?

    ha en fortsatt fin sommerdag, Ania.


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