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~ What gives? ~

Posted by Ania On Friday, July 21, 2006
Kiddo playing outside in the garden:

Kiddo: Mommy mommy I wanna play the eyeboss! You'll be the eyeboss!
Me: uhm alright..fine....Im the big eye
Kiddo: Shoot the red beam now!! Shoot the red beam!
Me: Sure....bzzbzzzbzzzz *pointing imaginary red beams around*
*KIddo runnin like mad around me*
Me: KK Im done with the red beam
Kiddo: Now I'm hittin on you! *hit* *hit* *hit*
Youre dead now! Now comes the other monster up!
Me: mmm...
Kiddo: LOok at me! Im inside the stomach now! Im hitting from inside the tummy!! *hit* *hit* *hit*
Me: Mm...whatever..

Hmm....need I mention he loves the vids of C'thun - the big eyeboss our raidgroup is currently working on in AQ40 in World of Warcraft?

And to think of, last summer at this time he was into playing CTF (WSG), crouching while running away with the imaginary flag.... :p

Ahwell, he's kinda cute when he's like that :D And his "bedtimestory" before hitting bed tonight? Ofcourse - watching that C'thun movie made by some random raid once again :P

And before any worried parent raise an eyebrow (just in case :P), how many kids haven't played the TVshows they watch on television, like Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Barbie (:P) and stuff? :) And besides, he's having much fun when playing WoW with the rest of his family, including grandma, cousins and uncle/aunt :)
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