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~~ Happiness is.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, January 31, 2008

A little everyday treat.
Got this totally gorgeous & ubercool necklace in the mail today. *swoon*
From Sighfoo/Starving Artist Bazaar on Etsy.

Decided it was about time to pimp me up. A little bit. :)

Have ordered couple other stuff on Etsy lately - but they're like, belated bdaypressies for my fam. I'm such a procrastinator (and hey not my fault they insist on having bdays so close to Christmas when I'm already broke and all that stuff :p) Ohwell. Don't think I should show off their links here cause they're like, watching this blog from time to time but there's no doubt there's a lot of pwetty little stuff on Etsy!! ;p

Anyways.. saw Juno last night. Been seeing people around on various blogs rave about this little nugget and decided it was about time to check it out for myself.... and boy it's so cute, sweet, witty, funny, quirky and all that :) Lots of talkin' - smart & funny talkin in that movie...yeah it might be a bit 'too smartass upbeat in your face' dialogue (reminds me of clerks in that sense actually..just not as uh "crude" :p) but it's really...a feelgoodmovie and well worth the entertainment methinks :)

Oh btw!! Check out Scrappedugnad!! Silje made us a totally cool tutorial involving linoleum and carving to make your own stamp! So awesome!

And tomorrow's Feb kit debut at Bad Girls - will post some of my layouts then I guess :)
Tomorrow's also the kids day off school/kindergarten, which normally woulda been nice & swell but I have an appointment at the hospital so I have to drag them along. Ugh! Ohwell. Promised them icecream when we were done :p

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  1.'> 11:06 PM

    For en nydelig smykke, det likte jeg kjempe godt :)


  2.'> 5:12 AM

    Jeg saa Juno igaar jeg ogsaa! Saa inspirerende, og digg film!

    Mamma lager sanne smykker! Kanon fint det du kjoepte! :)



  3.'> 9:29 AM

    Thanks for all the links, I am off to study them. :))


  4. Sonja Said,'> 10:39 AM

    Kjempefint smykke! Og takk for hyggelig scrappekveld på Hobbykroken (",)


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