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~~ Pencillines & BG Feb peek! ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, January 28, 2008

Yepyep - Pencillines went live last night - with Suzanne as our guest - she provided us with such an intricate sketch - I first thought!! But - after looking at how she and the other ladies did that one I have to admit it didn't look that hard as I first thought!! Dang! Once again - a perfect example on how I personally tend to over-complicate things!! Lol. I rotated the sketch ( a doublepager! ), squeezed the photos together and placed them like on the sketch - then shuffled the photos some to better fit my photos. See - my layout differs so from the sketch - yet it's inspired by it :)

I used two Daisy D papers of different red shades, some Cosmo Criket chipboards and yummy ribbons I got in a few RAKs at Minneriket, prima flowers and well, diff stuff :)

Been busy playin with my BG kit - I'm done with one (check out the peek - yeah - I played with stark spray haha) & in the middle of my 2nd one :) This kit is so beautiful and I'm seriously in awe re how much stuff Wendy put in these kits!! Seriously - I know the BG kit is slightly more expensive than the average kit out there but there's a reason for it - and to me it seem to be well worth it! :) (And BUGGER I hate it when lush shimmersparklestuff doesn't show well!! hrmf ;p)

Off to play more before Little Missus Pwincess is home and demands ....stuff. Like. Attention and stuff ;p

PS!! Check out what Tracie has made the last days (+ at this weeks Pencillines)!!! I suppose I'm not really objective but - *melts* ! Big Hugs to Tracie and safe travels!! :) :)

Ps2! Yes! I know I've been tagged! Will play very soon, promise! :D

Ps3! I forgot to mention in the earlier posts: there's a chance to win a free BG Feb for the winner of the Split Coast Stampers-challenge! Yey! :D

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencillines & BG Feb peek! ~~'

  1.'> 3:14 PM

    love your PL this week and the sneak looks lovely!!
    your "she's a star" is fab as well!!


  2. _Kine Said,'> 3:17 PM

    Så digg den røde lo'en var!! Du er så flink til å gjøre en skisse til din egen. Jeg bare sitter og glaner på skissen i en time og kaster inn håndkleet før jeg har begynt :P


  3.'> 6:18 PM

    Oh, the sneak looks great and the layout is absolutely amazing, Ania! :)


  4.'> 7:49 PM

    JA! enig med Kine, jeg faar aldri til skisser!
    Digger alle de smaa bildene, Kjempe kul!! <3


  5. ちゅと Said,'> 12:07 AM

    hi ania!

    loved your page and your interpretation of the sketch!
    as to my photos it's my son's kindergarten's sports day, they danced and ran relay.

    my son couldn't run good that he was crying.
    anyways its very japanese event;)!


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