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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


Piccies from yesterdays fun with Amalie! Me and Amalie had a girlie-day out hanging around McDonalds eating icecream and visiting her great-grandparents and oooh, exploring the very very cool areas around McDonalds..;) Alright. I might have evaluated the room for a perfect spot to sit & take piccies at. And I'm a sucker for cool backgrounds. Seriously. So when I spotted these containers from inside McDonalds I knew I had to drag Amalie along takin some more photos when done w/the icecream. So cool! And I made a nice discovery in RAW on how to edit those kind of outdoor-photos (basically drag brightness way up and counter with blacks and temperature, add vignetting & adjust the corresponding saturation/lumination) so they'll make a very nice foundation for the extra wrapup-punch in Photoshop :) I know. Color's so fakey...but oh, so yummy! :D Coudln't resist showing quite a number of them - sorry if they're loading slow! :)

I also have those layouts to show:

Pencillines featuring Sasha of the faithful followers of PL and such a talented her layouts, love that she's pretty much always doing the sketches and love the fact that she's our guestdesigner this week!! I used the january-kit from ScrapMuse (and a paper from an older kit from same kitclub).... cute K&Co and Making Memories papers...:)

Minnopol at Minneriket has started - first prompt was to make a layout about 10 things you didn't like. I did so - but kinda forgot one more thing I absolutely disliked (IV Antibiotics - I know - it's necessary & kinda lifesaver and stuff, but it doesn't mean I have to like how it's done!). Used a number of leftover papers I had lying on my desk - bits and pieces from various kits and SR papers. If youre able to check out the gallery at Minneriket do so - such fabulous layouts from these gals there!

Oh - I got a nice award from Tessa last night too!
A cute "You make my day"- award :) How nice - thank you Tessa! :D I have to say - you all make my day when you take the time to comment on my posts - I know a number are readin, but not that many compared actually comments - so - you who do - you make my day! :)
(No - I'm not tryin to guilttrip you readers - I'm happy people drops by and I'm guilty of slackin on commenting myself too *blush*)

13 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Seriously love photosessions! (lots of pictures and two layouts too :p) ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 1:36 PM

    HErlige bilder av Amalie, den blå bakgrunnen var så stilig!:D
    Og flotte LO'er... :D

    Ha en fin dag...;)


  2.'> 1:38 PM

    Awesome photos, that blue background is seriously wohoo! And the layouts are beautiful too. Thanks for showing!


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 2:12 PM

    ah girl... I'm lovin the photos!!! They're awesome! and thank you dear heart.. you're so kind to me *hugs*


  4. Oddbjørg Said,'> 4:55 PM

    Fantastisk flotte bilder av din skjønne Amalie.
    ..og så sitter jeg her og leser og leser i bloggen din. Du er en mester med ord. Du skriver og skriver og jeg skjønner ikke hvordan du får det til :-)
    Så interssant alt du skriver, og takk for at du deler.


  5. Eli Said,'> 5:01 PM

    Herlige bilder -som alltid :) Det er noe med deg og containere tror jeg ;) Vi må ha oss en fotosession sammen igjen snart. Er jo alltid så kjekt :) KLEM


  6.'> 7:58 PM

    wow! DIGGE bilder! Den bakgrunnen var skikkelig yummy ja :)

    Og LO'ene, som alltid, LEKKRE :)



  7. Heidi Said,'> 10:34 PM

    HERLIGE bilder av Amalie!! Tror jammen *noen* snart må male noen vegger i nærheten her også jeg...
    Layoutene dine oser av kreativitet og spennende løsninger!!


  8. Lene S Said,'> 11:19 PM

    Jeg har så sansen for sidene dine! De er så "chunky" på et vis. Skulle gjerne ha tittet skikkelig på de i RL :o) Og nydelige bilder av Amalie...herlige bakgrunner!


  9. Karla Dudley Said,'> 4:46 AM

    YOu blow me away with your photography skills! My goodness girl, she was just a doll looking up at that sign like hu????? Tee Hee HEEE!

    Beautiful page as always honey,


  10.'> 9:46 AM

    wow...the color in those photos is rock the camera!!


  11. Unknown Said,'> 6:38 PM

    Jeg digger stilen din, Ania. Du er så utrolig dyktig og kreativ. Bildene av Amalie, i rosa boblejakke mot den knallblå containeren, er som Egon ville sagt det: HELMAKS....

    Digger bloggen din også... :-)

    Ha en kreativ kveld!


  12. Tracie H Said,'> 8:29 PM

    Totally love and adore those photos of little miss....they are stunning and the colours are just WOW!
    Love the LO's too:)


  13. Sri Said,'> 2:11 PM

    Gorgeous!!! The photos are stunning and your layouts are awesome as usual.


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